Bean and Cheese Tostadas

Easy Bean and Cheese Tostadas Recipe

Tostadas are similar to bean burritos but cooked open-face under a broiler rather than rolled up. Try bean and cheese tostadas for a delicious, easy meal!

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I’ve always been a fan of refried beans. But I usually only eat them in Taco Dip or make simple bean burritos. I searched online for other recipes for tostadas since it was something I had never had before. Of course, everyone makes them slightly different. So I used the elements I liked from a few and started cooking.

Refried beans are basically a staple in my pantry so I knew I wanted to use those. We had some small taco shells from another meal, so we used those as the base. Then I started building from there.

Bean and cheese tostadas are a great weeknight meal because they are quick and easy to make, and you can prepare just the amount you need. Also, since there isn’t any meat to get out, it’s perfect for nights when you haven’t planned anything and don’t have to wait for the meat to thaw. There isn’t a long prep time, meaning dinner can be on the table in about 30 minutes.

And that’s what I like about this recipe: the whole family can make their own to their tastes. My boys don’t like all of the toppings. I don’t like a lot of onion. Justin doesn’t put sour cream on his. It would be a perfect recipe to make into a DIY tostada bar when having friends over. 

We like to serve ours with a refreshing drink such as Strawberry Mojitos or Spiked Agua Fresca. They have also become our go-to for a quick and easy Cinco de Mayo dinner, especially if we have friends over.

Topping Options

There are so many topping options for a tostada. I like refried beans and melty cheese, but you can add other types of beans or your favorite toppings. 

  • Black beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Hot sauce
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes

Tostada Simple Ingredients

Flour Tortilla Shells

Flour tortillas make an easy flat taco for this meal, but you can substitute with crispy corn tortilla shells if you prefer those for a healthier option. For a crunchy tortilla, bake the shells for a few minutes before adding the toppings. 

Refried Beans

Canned refried beans work perfectly well for this recipe, or you can try making homemade beans. When using the canned beans, you may need to warm them slightly as warm refried beans will spread more easily on the crispy tortillas. I tried making my own refried beans once and it was an epic fail, so I like to get the Old El Paso brand of beans whenever I need them. But don’t buy the fat-free ones, they have no flavor!

Cumin & Chili Powder

Both of these seasonings are perfect for Mexican food. Cumin tastes very similar to store-bought taco seasoning and the chili powder gives it just a slight kick. 


You can purchase fresh cilantro from the grocery store to add to these or use dried cilantro. Both will add flavor to the tostadas. 

Monterey Jack Cheese

Purchase a block of Monterey Jack cheese to shred yourself when you can. The cheese will taste fresher and melt better. Otherwise, you can buy shredded cheese from the store. 

Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice will always have more flavor than a bottle of lime juice, so I highly suggest squeezing and juicing limes when possible. 


Adding some chopped onion gives the homemade tostadas a bit of a crunch. Since they are added on at the end, the onions won’t get soft. We’ve made these with both white onion and red onion. They are both good but give a slightly different flavor so you can decide which you would rather have.


A slice of avocado is a perfect creamy addition to the tostadas. This can be skipped if you don’t like avocado, but I highly suggest it for this recipe. 

Sour Cream

A dollop of sour cream goes a long way in adding flavor to the recipe. Again, if you don’t care for sour cream you can leave it off. 

Bean and Cheese Tostadas Step by Step


  • 12 flour tortilla shells (small)
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cilantro
  • 1 1/2 cups Monterey Jack cheese (shredded)
  • 2 tsp Lime juice
  • 1/2 onion (chopped)
  • 3 avocados (diced)
  • 2 tbsp sour cream


You’ll want the oven at a high temperature so preheat it to 400F. Place the tortillas on a lightly greased baking sheet or baking stone and spread some refried beans on each. I use about a spoonful or two for each tortilla, depending on the size of the tortillas and how many I am making.

Corn tortillas on a baking stone covered with refried beans

Sprinkle some of the seasonings on top of the beans. Add a squirt of lime juice to each tostada.

Corn tortillas on a baking stone covered with refried beans and seasonings

Cover with cheese.

Corn tortillas on a baking stone topped with refried beans and shredded cheese

Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese has melted. Remove the tostadas from the oven and top with onion, avocados, and sour cream as desired.

Bean and Cheese Tostadas

Bean and Cheese Tostadas Leftovers

Storage: Store these in airtight containers and refrigerator for 1-2 days. The tortilla shells will get soggy quickly, so I don’t recommend keeping them for long. 

Reheating: The best way to reheat tostadas is to place them in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 5-10 minutes until everything is warm again. 


Originally Published On: August 1, 2016

Last Updated On: June 16, 2024

Bean and Cheese Tostadas on a dark granite surface with lime pieces around them

Bean and Cheese Tostadas

Tostadas are similar to bean burritos, but cooked open-face under a broiler rather than rolled up. Try bean and cheese tostadas for a delicious, easy meal!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Main Dish
refried beans
tortilla shells
Dietary Needs:
Servings: 12 each
5 from 9 votes


  • 12 flour tortilla shells (small)
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cilantro
  • 1 1/2 cups monterey jack cheese (shredded)
  • 2 tsp Lime juice
  • 1/2 onion (chopped)
  • 3 avocados (diced)
  • 2 tbsp sour cream

Recommended Equipment


  • Preheat oven to 400F
  • Place tortillas on lightly greased baking sheet
  • Spread each tortilla with beans
  • Sprinkle seasonings on beans, as desired
  • Top with cheese and a small amount of lime juice
  • Bake for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted
  • Add additional toppings, such as onion, avocado, sour cream, etc.
  • Serve warm
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Nutrition Facts
Bean and Cheese Tostadas
Amount Per Serving
Calories 244 Calories from Fat 126
% Daily Value*
Fat 14g22%
Saturated Fat 4g20%
Cholesterol 13mg4%
Sodium 410mg17%
Potassium 315mg9%
Carbohydrates 22g7%
Fiber 5g20%
Sugar 2g2%
Protein 7g14%
Vitamin A 280IU6%
Vitamin C 5.6mg7%
Calcium 155mg16%
Iron 1.7mg9%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

All nutritional information is based on third-party calculations and should be considered estimates. Actual nutrition content will vary based on brands used, measuring methods, portion sizes, and more.

54 thoughts on “Easy Bean and Cheese Tostadas Recipe”

  1. I know that I’ve said it before, but I love the way you come up with your recipes. It’s how real people cook!! I’m constantly going to pinterest trying to find a new meal to make and end up modifying it by what is already in my cupboard and what my family will or won’t eat.

    1. I don’t know if I’ve ever made a recipe exactly to the letter. There’s either something we won’t eat, don’t have, need to sub, whatever. Sometimes I just forget an ingredient or step and just go with it!

  2. Great recipe! I had never thought to make tostadas like this (I only know how to make them this one way that my former roommate Ana, a native of south TX, used to make them, but it never dawned on me that one could make them OTHER ways – duh!). Will have to try them sometime! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes? I’ve done that before, only known one way to make something and never thought to change it up until I see someone else do it.

      1. Will be so yummy when we finally get to try them! (Just have to remember to put an avocado on the shopping list for the next time one of us ventures out, and hope and pray the store shelves aren’t bare LOL…)

  3. that sounds like a great dish to serve with friends around the table. I will have to bookmark this recipe and throw a get together soon. thank you!

  4. This food looks new from me. I will try to make it my own Bean and Cheese Tostadas someday thanks for sharing your special recipe 🙂

  5. This looks like a great light meal. I love that you made it without the chicken because it feels lighter. My guy would probably prefer it with the chicken though haha. I love refried beans but I never thought of actually buying them. It sounds like a great staple to have. Until now I just got regular beans but refried are better 🙂

  6. 5 stars
    They are such a fun meal. I know I would love this. It’s sad my daughter doesn’t like refried beans though. I keep trying though. Who doesn’t love some beans and cheese?

  7. 5 stars
    I’ve never heard of tostadas, but it sure looks tasty! I love that the toppings can be customized to each person taste.

    1. We have a lot of food like this since we are in Texas so get a lot of Mexican influence in our food here. I love meals that can be custom for each person since each one of us likes something a little different.

  8. Oh my word! This looks like it would be so delicious. I definitely need these in my life – like yesterday!

  9. I find this recipe very interesting. I don’t think I currently have all the ingredients… So, I’ll have to wait before trying it at home.

    1. Sadly, I’ve been doing the same with so many delicious recipes I’ve seen lately, too. I pin and bookmark and save for my next grocery delivery order right now.

  10. Melanie williams

    YES!!! these look fab. I love Avocado and beans so these I will be giving a go this weekend for sure. They look well good xx

  11. Oh these sound REALLY good. I have been so bored with our dinners lately and wanting some new stuff. THis is perfect!

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