7 Reasons I Avoid Black Friday Shopping

7 Reasons I Avoid Black Friday Shopping

I know so many people who make Black Friday Shopping basically a holiday and I want nothing to do with that! Personally, I have never gone shopping on Black Friday and I don’t plan on it.
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I know some of my reasons are probably extreme, but they are nevertheless how I feel about it. Maybe you are someone who enjoys Black Friday and you can tell me I am wrong on some of this. But here they are, the reasons I avoid Black Friday in general:

1. The Crowds

I am not a crowds person. Not at all. I do not like being in a small space with a lot of people. It has nothing to do with being claustrophobic and everything to do with way too many people. I can be in a small space by myself. Put me in somewhere with so many people pushing and shoving and all trying to get the same things, no thank you!

2. The Lines

If there’s anything worse than all the crowds, its the crowds of people in lines. Lines to get in the stores, to get what you want to purchase, to check out. So. Many. Lines. So much time wasted in a line.

3. The Crazy People

Seriously. Crazy People. I know it isn’t very common, but every year you hear of so many injuries because people aren’t paying attention and trample people or fight over the last of something or think someone did them wrong. It gets violent. In the last 10 years there have been 7 deaths and 98 injuries in the US. 7 deaths. Over shopping. The day after we just ‘gave thanks’ for everything we have.

4. The Hours

I can be a morning person, but I am not getting up at oh-dark-thirty just to do some shopping. With the crowds. And the crazy people. And the lines. No thank you, I will be in my comfy-cozy bed that morning, at least until the kids wake me up! And it really bothers me that so many places have made their start times earlier and earlier, so much so that they are starting to open at dinnertime on Thanksgiving Day!

5. The Ease of Online Shopping

Amazon delivers something to our house at least once a week. I love online shopping. I can search on my time. The sizes I want/need are there. I can have it sent to my house, and don’t have to go anywhere. I can shop online in my pjs, whenever I wake up that morning, and still get a lot of the same deals as the people who venture out.

6. The Christmas Shopping is Almost Done

By Black Friday, I am usually almost done Christmas shopping. I did most of it online on Amazon, and get the rest of the little stuff from Walmart or the dollar store. Black Friday is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season, but I don’t like to wait that late. Justin and I ordered the gifts for the boys a couple weeks ago and they have already arrived and are hidden away.

7. The Unfair Treatment of Employees

I have been lucky to have never had to work a retail job, but I know many who have. Black Friday Shopping is unfair to the employees who have to spend Thanksgiving Day setting up the stores to be ready for Black Friday. And the poor employees who have to work on Black Friday who are sometimes put in danger (the first reported death from Black Friday was a Walmart employee who was trampled to death when the doors opened).

For those of you who are out Black Friday Shopping, I hope you are enjoying yourselves and getting those awesome deals that you are looking for. I hope you get your Christmas shopping sorted out and have a blast doing it. I will be at my house, in my pjs, checking it all out online!


7 Reasons I Avoid Black Friday Shopping 7 Reasons I Avoid Black Friday Shopping

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