8 Reasons I Won’t Miss the Baby Stage

In one week, my youngest turns two years old. It’s a bittersweet thought to know that there won’t be any more babies in my home. We decided long ago that we wanted two children, and now that we have our two, we are done. Done done. No more babies for us. Almost all evidence of baby has left our house. There are plenty of things here that show there are two toddlers living in the home, but no baby anymore.

We have sold the crib since Ryan is sleeping in a toddler bed now. All the baby toys have been sold or donated. We never had a high chair for Ryan, just a booster seat at the table, and he uses a regular fork and eats real food. Our baby is growing up. And while I am slightly sad that the baby stage is over, I am looking forward to the next stage.

This year, my oldest will turn 4, and the youngest will be 2. We are past dealing with all the not-so-fun things that come with a baby. There are many great things about having a baby. But here are 8 things I won’t miss about the baby stage:

1. Sleep

Yes, they do both wake up on occasion, but it usually isn’t a 20-30 minute or more wakeup. If Tyler wakes he either has growing pains or needs to go potty. When Ryan wakes he actually falls back asleep on his own most of the time before I can even get out of bed, or just needs a quick cuddle for a few minutes and is back in bed.

2. Spit-Up

No more worrying about the spit-up that comes with two reflux babies. Tyler was definitely worse than Ryan, but any time either of them burped we were ready with a burp cloth because it often meant spit-up. Gross. They have both puked a time or two, but it isn’t a constant worry anymore.

3. Sleep

Gone are the many sleepless nights from middle-of-the-night feedings. We took turns on who had to get up with the boys (one of the advantages of formula-feeding), but it still took it’s toll on us both.

4. Crawling

Outings seem easier because they can both walk and don’t have to be carried all the time. Or the worst was when they couldn’t yet walk, but didn’t want to be carried. I don’t think we went out very much during that time because it was too much of a hassle.

5. Sleep

Wait, did I mention sleep? My boys are both up around 7am, but they (usually) sleep through the night which means we get decent rest and are ready to take on the next day with them. More sleep means happier mommy and daddy, and energy to keep up with the boys.

6. Complete Dependence

And I don’t necessarily mean for us. The boys can both do a lot of things on their own and don’t need 100% constant supervision. We have a playroom and they can go in there and, for the most part, do whatever they want and I don’t have to worry about what they are getting in.

7. Sleep

Just kidding, although this is sleep-related – no more naps. Ryan still takes one nap, but it is nice sometimes to not be tied down to a napping routine. We have more freedom and flexibility in our daily schedule now.

8. Bottles

Baby food and bottles and formula are a thing of the past too. My diaper bag has become increasingly lighter and smaller as the boys get older because we don’t have as much crap to lug around for them. I keep a few things in the truck that I used to keep in the bag, but usually just have a spare diaper and wipes, and maybe a snack and that’s it!

Yes, while I will miss the baby stage in some ways, I am fully ready to embrace the next stage of life. We now have two toddlers. Ryan is starting to talk more and more, so he can communicate better with us all. Life is becoming, dare I say it, a little bit easier. Toddlerhood comes with full-force tantrums, but that’s expected. We now have one in his “terrible twos” and another in the “threenager” years. Fun fun!

So what have I missed? What else will you not miss about having a baby in the house? Or will you miss some of these things that I mentioned?

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