7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

Technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives, including the kitchen. Check out these 7 apps that are helpful in the kitchen.

Technology seems to be ever-present in our lives today, and that includes in the kitchen. I have been using my iPhone or iPad in the kitchen for a few years now, and have a few go-to apps that make things easier.

For a long time, my recipes were hand-written. Then I decided to get them all into a digital format and typed them into word. Then I went back to paper by printing the recipes out and making a binder. After a while, I didn’t like that it wasn’t easy to organize or search, so I started my hunt for a digital option again. I’ve gone through a few programs and have settled with Evernote.

Either way, whether my recipes were on paper or the computer, I’ve almost always used my phone in one way or another when cooking or baking. Of course, you can easily cook without any of the apps, but as usual, they seem to make a few things in our lives easier.

Originally Published On: January 25, 2018

Last Updated On: April 21, 2020

Default Apps

Some of the best apps are the ones that are already built-in to most phones and tablets. For about ten years now, I’ve only owned Apple devices, so I know those the best. But no matter which you use, they all should have these three apps:


7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

No matter what you are cooking or baking, you almost always need a timer. My first choice is the one on my microwave because it is quick and easy and right there in front of me. But there are times that I need a second timer, so that’s when I reach for my phone or iPad. On the newer operating systems, the timer is part of the control center when you swipe up on the screen.

It has saved me a few times, being able to have a quickly accessible timer. Not to mention how many times I get distracted and would have burnt dinner if it wasn’t for that timer going off!


7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

Ok, this isn’t as essential, but who doesn’t love to take pictures of the delicious food they create? Even before I started a food blog, I liked to take photos of my final products to be able to put them in my recipe, so I have a quick visual reference.

Safari/Chrome/Web Browser

7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

On all Apple devices, Safari is the default browser. I always download Google Chrome since I use that on my computer as well and have all my bookmarks synced. No matter which browser you choose, this is where you will probably be finding a lot of your new recipes. You can search through food blogs (like mine) and pull the recipe up while you are in the kitchen making it. You can also use it to bookmark a few recipes you want to try, so you can quickly find them later.

Downloaded Apps

In addition to the apps that come loaded on your device, there are a few that I recommend you download from your app store. I know these are all available for ios, and I am pretty sure they are all on android as well.


7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

As I mentioned before, Evernote is the app that I use to store all of my recipes. I chose this one for multiple reasons. You don’t have to use Evernote, but whatever route you decide to go for storing and organizing your recipes, you will want that app.


7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

If you are looking for new ideas for recipes, then these three apps are great. Of course, I have over 100 recipes on my blog, but I also know that there are many many other recipes out there. I recently downloaded the new Tasty app, and I like the way it is organized and makes it easy to find new recipes to try. Pinterest has been a go-to for recipes for many people for a long time. There are so many good options on there, but you need to make sure that the link works before you are set on making the meal. And finally, Yummly is a recent discovery of mine, and I like it both from a personal and blogger perspective.

Our Groceries

7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

This is also a new find of mine. I haven’t used Our Groceries too much yet, but it is a great free app for organizing your grocery list. You can have multiple lists stored in the app (for example if you go to a few different stores) and the lists can be organized. You type in what you need from the grocery store; then you can click the info button for more options such as increasing the amount you need or decreasing it. You can also choose which section of the store (bakery, dairy, frozen, etc.) the item is found in, and the list is organized by section. You can also add your own categories as needed. When you tap an item, it gets crossed off and sent to the bottom of the list.

I currently use our Amazon Echo in the kitchen to add things quickly to a shopping list by voice commands, but I don’t store my entire list on there. Since we have been trying to cut down on waste in the kitchen lately, I am going to try to start using this app when I go to the grocery store instead of writing my list on a piece of paper.

Backup Plan

Papa Johns

7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen

When all else fails, and I forget to set a timer or don’t have the ingredients for a meal or just have no motivation to cook, I have the Papa Johns pizza app! This is the only pizza I will order so we have an account an accumulate Papa’s Points. There have been many times that dinner doesn’t happen for one reason or another, and I just pull up the app and quickly order us a pizza.

Working in the Kitchen

30 thoughts on “7 Helpful Apps to Use in the Kitchen”

  1. I have recipes all over the place so I really am excited to look into pepperplate as a way to organize. I just recently switched to digital shopping lists and I love it! My local grocery store has their own app I can create my list on and then it gives me the aisles in which the items are located. Total time saver. I also like that with digital lists it’s easy to delete as you go. Half the time with my paper list I would forget a pen to cross off and just wind up confused on what I needed still.

    1. Pepperplate is great if you have a lot of recipes both from around the web and your own since you can manually enter recipes. When we lived in Florida, I could make the grocery list on the Publix website and it would do the same, it was so convenient! I don’t have a way to do that with where I shop in Texas now.

  2. I have to say, I normally try to avoid using too many screens when cooking because I don’t like to get flour/grease/crumbs all over the screens. I do love the shopping list idea – definitely makes it easier to remember!

    1. I understand that! I have a stand for the Ipad to keep it off the counter and have it set to not turn the screen off so I don’t have to keep touching it. I thought about getting something that attaches to the underside of the cabinet, but we have lights under there and I couldn’t find one that would fit.

  3. I am checking out pepperplate, sounds like an app I need to use as I have a hard time storing all my favorites!! Pinterest is a definite favorite

  4. Papa Johns is a great last minute option! I have no problem finding new recipe but I do need a place to keep them all so I will check out pepperplate. That would open up so much space on my phone.

    1. Haha, we love our Papa John’s pizza! Pepperplate is a great way to keep the recipes in one place and still have the ability to edit the recipes and combine them from all over the internet.

  5. Some great apps here! It’s funny how my mother sticks to cookbooks, etc. but I use my phone. I’m constantly on Pinterest these days for ideas.

  6. First off, I love how you added Papa Johns at the bottom. Pizza always saves the day in our little family when I mess up cooking. I love all the other apps you have, although some I have yet to look into. Now I will have to, thanks for sharing!

  7. Haha. I love the backup plan so much!! I use all of these apps. I love living in a world where technology makes cooking easier.

  8. I’m going to check out pepperplate as soon as I finish commenting. I am spread out between written out recipes, online recipes and cookbooks (both online and paper.) I’m finding my “older” brain just can’t remember which genre I had certain recipes in so I need to get organized. Someone needs to develop a really good case that covers the screen on ipads that we can remove and wash it in the sink, don’t they? I love the waterproof case on my iphone but the screen is often too small to follow a recipe on.

    1. With recipes everywhere like that, I definitely think Pepperplate is a great option for you! I would love an iPad case like that, it would be perfect for in the kitchen! I keep mine on a stand so it helps prevent some spills/splatters.

  9. I have never heard of Pepperplate! Downloading that now! And seriously, my timer app is a lifesaver! haha! I could burn everything without it!

  10. Ah this is such a fun and helpful post! I have not heard of quite a few on the list here – ex, pepperplate and groceries. I am going to check them out right away as I love to cook.

    xx, Kusum

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