My 7 Favorite Essential Oils and How I Use Them

I, like many others I’m sure, have heard so many people rave about essential oils, but didn’t know much about them. When I tried to look up information, I found a lot of ‘recipes’ but not what they are, how to use them, where to get them, etc. Many of my friends said they are replacing their medicine cabinets with essential oils. Others say they feel a better overall wellness. Some have said they couldn’t live without their essential oils. But why? What is it about these that make them so priceless?

Flashback to about one year ago when my neighbor and I brought our kids to one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood. Try as we might, they still got a couple ant bites. Fire ants are ruthless in Texas! Both of my boys swell up pretty bad with fire ant bites. My neighbor said her daughter also got bit, and she was going to go home and put some Lavender Oil on the bites. Cue my interest here is someone I talk to and know who uses these essential oils. So of course, the questions start pouring out. For a couple months she would message me when she was going to order and I would tell her what I want.

For me, one of the most important reasons to use essential oils is because they are a more natural. I have been trying to cut processed foods from our life, so it makes sense to cut processed medicines as well. Some of my friends have said they use only oils in their home, no medications at all. I am not at that point, and not sure I ever will be. But here is a list of my favorite essential oils and what we use them for (note that I use DoTerra Oils, so some of these names are their blends):

Lavender Oil

Back to the ant bites. My neighbor had me walk over and gave me a little bit of the lavender to use for the boy’s bites. She told me what to do with it, and how to dilute it with some coconut oil since they are so young. And so I did. And it stopped the itching. The swelling decreased. Overall, Tyler said it made them feel better. Lavender is a very versatile oil. I use it for everything from bug bites and itches to homemade ‘scary spray’ for Tyler. Lavender is very calming, so it can be diffused in the bedrooms at night to help with sleep. We’ve told Tyler that the good smell makes all the scary things in his room go away, so some nights he says he is scared and needs the oils.


When Tyler was congested, my neighbor suggested a diffuser and the Breathe mix, so we did that. And it helped him so much! We have used it in all of our rooms at night when we are congested and it makes such a difference. We used to have the Vicks vaporizer, but that doesn’t work near as well as the Breathe does. If you open the bottle and just take a sniff you can already feel your sinuses opening up!

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of my favorite essential oils by far. It smells so refreshing and reminds me of Christmas and candy canes. On days I have a headache I use peppermint oil to help take the edge off. If I have a really bad headache I couple that with some Tylenol and it does wonders for me. I have also found that the peppermint oil is very energizing as well, like eating a peppermint candy. Every now and then, whether I have a headache or want the energizing effects, I will throw a few drops in the shower and, as the water heats and steams up, it is like a diffuser in the shower.

Orange/Lemon Oil

Orange and lemon oil both smell very clean to me. I have a diffuser in the kitchen area, so when I am cleaning I will often put the orange or lemon in the diffuser. It helps the whole house smell clean since I use cleaners that don’t have much of a smell. If I make my own cleaners, I always add a few drops of lemon or orange to the cleaner as well. They are also great for if we get a funky smell in the kitchen. Sometimes the smell of garlic can be a little overwhelming once dinner is done, so I will use orange or lemon to help combat the smell.


As the name suggests, DigestZen is an essential oil blend that helps with digestion. If any of us are having any kind of digestive issues, we just rub a little of this on our belly and it really does help! I like using the oil for this since it is more natural. Oftentimes Tyler will tell me his belly hurts, though he seems fine. I like having the oil as an option because I am not giving him medicine if he doesn’t need it. But if it really is bothering him, this will help as well.

Deep Blue

Another essential oil blend we love is Deep Blue. It’s a mix of oils that help relax muscles. With both working on a computer most of the day, and having toddlers who often want to be held and carried around, Justin and I constantly have sore shoulders. One month I ordered some of the Deep Blue lotion, and now we use it for each other all the time. Deep Blue oil works like icy-hot, but is more natural. We mix it with some coconut oil or lotion to help rub it into each other’s neck and shoulders. Many times, I am still feeling it working up to an hour after the massage. I can definitely see how this would be helpful for sports injuries as well!


Last but not least, OnGuard is another essential oil blend that I make sure to have on hand. Especially during cold and flu season. It’s a blend of oils that help purify the air. If one of us is sick, I diffuse this in the rooms at night to help keep the rest healthy. I also dilute this in water to make a cleaning spray. We don’t use this one as often, but I also don’t want to be without it!

Why Essential Oils?

So why do I use essential oils?

  • I love their versatility. One oil often has many many uses, making it very cost-worthy.
  • Oils are all-natural, so I am not putting more processed stuff in and on our body.
  • They are safe for children. I dilute the oils before putting on the boys since they have more sensitive skin, but they work for everyone in the family.
  • The oils can be used for cooking as well. Don’t have any oregano on hand? Put a drop or two of oregano oil in your recipe.
  • Essential oils come in small bottles, so they are easy to carry with us when we go places.

There are so many other health benefits that I am not going to go into because I don’t know the science behind it all. You can research those from many different websites.

Where To Buy?

There are many places to buy essential oils. Just make sure you are getting a good, pure oil, not a knock-off. I use DoTerra oils in our home and have never had any issues with them. I am signed up as a distributor to get a discount on the oils, and I didn’t want to keep bugging my neighbor about it. This can also be built as a business, but I am not choosing that route. I just want the discount for my family. If you want to shop with me, you can visit my website at and browse, order, or even sign up if you want the discount as well. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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