6 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Halloween

6 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Halloween

Halloween is full of chocolate and candy. Do yourself a favor and try a few of these healthy snacks for Halloween this year.

Halloween can lead to such a sugar overload, so it’s great to have some options for healthy (healthier) snacks to have around the house. The holiday season can be so hard to not over-indulge, so I’ve gathered a list of 6 easy snacks that are on the healthier side that can be made with your children or for yourself. Try to forgo the sweets for these better snacks.

Originally Published On: October 12, 2017

Last Updated On: October 7, 2020

String Cheese Ghosts

Ok, this is such an easy idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Take some mozzarella cheese sticks (since they are white) and use a sharpie marker on the outside of the packaging to draw on some ghost faces. These would be perfect to bring for a school Halloween party! Thanks to Chrysa from ThriftyJinxy for this wonderful idea.

String Cheese Ghosts – Super Easy Halloween Treat
String Cheese Ghosts are a super easy-to-make Halloween treat that are ready in just a few seconds. Tuck them into lunch bags or bring them to a party.
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Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern

Another adorable Halloween snack from ThriftyJinxy here, using a grapefruit orange and cleaning it out to carve into a Jack-O-Lantern. Then once it’s carved out, fill it with berries and you have a great healthy snack. These would be a great addition to a Halloween party either at home or for a school party.

Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween!
Make an Orange Fruit Jack-O-Lantern for a Fun, Healthy Halloween! Just follow our easy orange
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Peanut Butter Pumpkins & Healthy Candies

Another great healthy recipe (that does include chocolate!) are these peanut butter filled chocolates from Taryn at Joy Filled Eats. Now personally, I don’t like peanut butter, I know, who doesn’t like peanut butter? But if you do enjoy it, these are a great alternative. My husband enjoys peanut butter, so I am guessing that he would love to make these for Halloween.

Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Pumpkins
Don’t miss out this Halloween. Make your own cute little sugar-free peanut butter cup pumpkins with only 6 ingredients that taste just like Reese’s.
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Apple Date Caramel Bites

Do you need a healthy snack for Halloween that is vegan and gluten-free? Look no further than these delicious bites from Lili at Traveling Oven for your next favorite treat! I made some date-nut balls for a secret Santa gift many years ago, and that was the only time I have ever really worked with dates before. I see them in so many tasty looking recipes but just haven’t given it a go again yet. This recipe may have me changing that! This is a healthier version of candy apples since you are covering the apple with dates rather than actual caramel, then the topping is of your choice so you can make it as healthy or sweet as you want.

Apple date caramel party bites (vegan and gluten-free!)
These cute little Apple date caramel bites are perfect for any party but specially for kids who would love making their own with different toppings!
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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Avocado Buttercream Icing

These are a great recipe to use up the stringy and fleshy parts of the pumpkin that you remove when you carve your pumpkins. I love that idea because we all know I hate waste in the kitchen, and this would use up a part that is normally thrown out. These aren’t necessarily the most healthy on the list since they are still cupcakes and you are still making a buttercream frosting, but the fact that they use the fresh pumpkin and avocado for the frosting is what landed Kate’s recipe from Veggie Desserts on my list.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Avocado Buttercream Icing
These pumpkin cupcakes are lightly spiced and made with the insides of a pumpkin (or canned pumpkin) and are topped with a ghoulishly green avocado frosting
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Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars

This delicious recipe comes from Andrea at The Petite Cook, and as the name suggests, these are another vegan option for a wonderful Halloween snack that is also gluten-free. Even better, they only use 4 ingredients and take about 30 minutes to make, so they are perfect for those last-minute treats. She makes a sheet pan of a bounty bar, then uses a ghost-shaped cookie cutter to cut them into their Halloween shapes. Knowing this, you could also make them into snowflakes for Christmas, or eggs for Easter, or any other holiday cutout that’s mostly white! I love a good, versatile recipe like this!

Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars
Get ready for Halloween with a fun chocolatey treat – These Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars are ready in less than 30 min and only require 4 basic ingredients!
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Ok, I’ve done the research on the healthy options, now it’s your turn to get cooking and keep things a little healthier this Halloween. But of course, everything in moderation, make sure to enjoy the holiday and eat some of that candy as well!

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  1. I bet you were thinking of me when you did the vegan bounty ghost bars! Vegan, healthy, spooky, coconuty, I mean come on! I’m coming over, bring the ghosts out 🙂

  2. Oh boy I LOVE those ghosts! Not only because it’s vegan (as am I) but they would be a perfect treat for my pac man loving hubby! Just need to add some food coloring 😉

  3. Everything look gorgeous here! Never tried any Halloween related recipe but the Apple Date Caramel Bites and the Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars sound and look delicious to me, exactly what I would like to start making the Halloween recipes.

  4. Omg, this is such a great halloween treat, specially for vegan lovers and the best thing is it is healthy too… A fun treat for any party. I love the Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars the most.

  5. These are really great suggestions! Of all the one that caught my eye immediately were the ghosts bounty bars, they look adorable and delicious!

  6. My teen doesn’t like peanut butter. I love it though and would definitely be happy to use it in making Halloween snacks. 🙂

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