5 Reasons I Hated Being Pregnant

Anyone who knows me knows that I hated being pregnant. I did it. Twice. And I am done! I’ve mentioned it before, we decided long ago that we wanted two children. After being pregnant the first time, I am so very glad we didn’t want more than that! I don’t know if I could do it again. Some women thrive during pregnancy, others, like me, muddle through it the best we can. Obviously it was what was needed to bring my two amazing boys into this world, but never again.

1. My Body Felt Foreign

Thankfully, I did not have any major complications during pregnancy, so those aren’t what led to my hatred. It was more the way that I felt about myself. Everything changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Everything. Things you wouldn’t think change, do. I felt like someone else, someone different. There were so many things going on in my body that I didn’t feel like myself. Not to mention feeling sick all the time.

2. Strained Relationships

Of course, my husband was always there by my side (although it did strain other…. aspects of our life). But I did lose a few friends during pregnancy. I know a couple people who just do not like children, and once I was pregnant, and especially after the baby was born, they hardly talked to us anymore. It sucked, but my family will always come first. Being pregnant meant I was limited on what we could do, so we missed out on a lot of fun times with our friends.

3. Losing my Identity

Suddenly, everything I did, said, wanted was all about the baby. I was no longer Stephanie, I was mom-to-be. I was the pregnant lady. Yes, while pregnant it is important to be concerned about the baby, but the mom is also important. She is the one doing all the hard work to bring this baby into the world. And she is the one who will lose herself in taking care of the baby, don’t rush that process.

4. Limited Activity

Before I was pregnant, we were playing different sports all the time. Justin and I met playing Ultimate Frisbee. We would meet ‘the frisbee group’ to play sand volleyball. For a while we were playing racquetball a few times a week. Then suddenly, BAM, all that was taken away. None of those were things I could do while pregnant. Sometimes I wanted to scream at people: Pregnancy is not a disability! Don’t treat me like a raw egg about to break.

5. People Touching my Pregnant Belly

Seriously, this one was just annoying. I wanted a shirt that said “if you didn’t put it in there, don’t touch it”! Any other time, it is inappropriate for someone to touch you. Why does pregnancy suddenly make it ok? I already feel foreign enough in my own skin, I don’t need you touching it, thank you very much!

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Hated Being Pregnant”

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  2. #3!! Yes!! No one wants to talk to me about me anymore… it’s all about the baby and the pregnancy. Talk to me about current events or something – not the current state of my uterus!!

  3. This is my fourth child and I’m 24 weeks pregnant but have still not annouced it for these and many other reasons. I am fortunate that even though all my babies have been 8 or 9 pounds I carry very internally and don’t really start to show until my seventh month.

    I’ve been through this enough times that keeping it private and therefore, not losing my identity and being offered unsolicited advice is a priority to me.

    I agree with everything the author has said.

    1. Congratulations on number 4! I had two and I am done. The second one, I didn’t announce it as early for the same reason. Of course, my family and close friends knew, but it wasn’t something I paraded around because I wanted to keep the touching and comments and advice at bay.

  4. This post is perfect!! I completely agree with number 3 and 5! Every time someone talks to me its about the pregnancy! I am 31 weeks and am still struggling with morning sickness and it seems like every time someone talks to me all they ask is how I am feeling! And every time I tell them still terrible and then they get a look on their face like I am an injured puppy. I just want to talk about anything else, the news, the weather anything at all! And I hate it when people think that my personal boundaries are gone because I am pregnant. Just because my belly sticks out doesn’t mean my personal space is gone too…. lol 🙂

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