5 Quick Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

5 Quick Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun family holiday tradition, but what do you do with all those leftover hard-boiled eggs once Easter is over?

Coloring or dyeing eggs is one of the many Easter traditions that many families do together. It’s so fun to try out all the different color combinations and do the crayon trick, and see what you can create. Of course, the kids have a blast because it can get messy, and what kid doesn’t like messy? But, after the coloring is over, what do you do with all of the leftover hard-boiled eggs?

*The crayon trick, if you haven’t done it, is to color on the eggshells with a white crayon before you dip them in the dyes. When you do, the wax prevents the color from sticking, so you can draw designs or write your name or anything else on the eggs.

Now that Easter is over, and you have all of these leftover hard-boiled eggs, you may be left trying to decide how to use them all up. Since they are boiled and the shell is still on them, they can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

Originally Published On: September 19, 2018

Last Updated On: December 17, 2019

Hard-Boiling Eggs

Making a hard-boiled egg sounds easy. But, if you don’t do it right, your eggs may not turn out correctly. I have a method that I’ve been using for years that works every time.

  • Place the eggs in cold water
  • Bring to a boil
  • Turn off heat, cover, cook for 13 minutes
  • Transfer to an “ice bath”

Find more details for my method for Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs here.

Hard-boiled egg sliced in half on a wooden cutting board next to shell pieces and other eggs with logo overlay

How to Store Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Once the eggs have been hard-boiled, they can be stored in the refrigerator. As long as you don’t remove the shell, they can be stored for up to one week. When I make a large batch of hard-boiled eggs, I like to store the leftovers in the original egg carton. Make sure you label it properly. You don’t want to go to make fried eggs or scrambled eggs only to find they are already hard-boiled!

Whatever you do, do NOT leave hard-boiled eggs at room temperature for very long. They must be refrigerated.

If you decide to peel the eggs, they need to stay damp. You can store the peeled eggs in a bowl of water. Change the water daily. They will still be good for up to one week. But, the egg whites may start to get soft this way. You can also store them in a container with a damp towel over them to keep the moisture.

Recipes Using Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Son Shine Kitchen Recipes

Salted Hard-Boiled Eggs

The easiest way to use leftover hard-boiled eggs is to eat them as-is. Well, ok, not quite as-is, since you need to peel the shell. But besides that, they are ready to eat. I prefer to put just a pinch of salt on mine, or you could use a bit of pepper or other seasonings. Either way, hard-boiled eggs are delicious just the way they are.

House Salad

At many restaurants, when you order a house salad, there are sliced hard-boiled eggs on it. I love the flavor that the eggs add to a salad, so always enjoy adding them to the salads we make at home. Tonight’s dinner will be a large grilled chicken salad to use up some lettuce we have as well as some of the eggs and I am so excited!

Super Easy Classic Deviled Eggs garnished with paprika on a slate serving plate on top of a white and grey marble surface
Super Easy Classic Deviled Eggs
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Egg Salad Sandwich on a brown piece of paper with a glass of water and white bowl of salad on a wooden surface
Egg Salad Sandwich
Egg Salad is one of my favorite ways to eat eggs, and I never realized just how easy it is to make. I put it on a sandwich for a quick lunch.
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Homemade potato salad in a blue bowl next to a blue towel and wooden spoon
Potato Salad
Classic potato salad should only include just a few ingredients: eggs, potatoes, miracle whip. This is so easy to make and great for BBQs.
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What’s your favorite way to use up all of the Easter eggs or any leftover hard-boiled eggs?

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  1. I forgot all about having eggs in my fridge! Im going to go make a salids right now! I like to eat a hard boiled egg along side a smoothie for breakfast. The proteins in the egg keep you full longer..

  2. Deviled eggs are my favorite too and eggs need to be part of stir fried rice to make it complete! I didn’t know about the crayon trick have to remember that one for next easter.

  3. Those all look so amazing! I love deviled eggs but we have to be very careful in our house because my daughter has an egg allergy. So if we eat eggs is after she is in bed!

  4. Eggs go amazingly well with ALL the things IMO so I feel like they could really be paired with whatever you’d like. I am loving the curry idea on this list and of course, pairing them with salmon is always a YES PLEASE in my opinion 😉

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