30 Day Organizing Challenge for the Entire Home

30 Day Organization Challenge for the Entire House

Having an organized home is a goal that most people have. But reaching that goal can sometimes seem daunting and out-of-reach. As with most goal-setting, it’s usually better to break your goal down into smaller, more achievable goals and work towards those first.

When it comes to organizing the home, the same principle can be applied. I also find it best to work on one area of the home first rather than going all over the place. If you can break your goal down into little tasks each day, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Every home is different, so some of these may not apply to your home, and you may have to add some other areas in.

While you are organizing, I find it helpful to keep 4 piles going:

  • Keep
    • Sentimental or needed items
    • The items you need to be organizing
    • Put these away properly after you are done going through it all
  • Donate
    • Anything that you no longer need or want
    • Items that are still in good shape or working order
    • Things that you think others could actually use
  • Move
    • The items you find that don’t belong in the room you are organizing
    • If they are going to a room already finished, make sure to put away properly
    • If going to an area you haven’t organized yet, decide if you want to try to organize them, or save for later
  • Trash (anything that doesn’t fit into the above three categories)
    • Anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories
    • If it’s torn, soiled, ruined, doesn’t work, etc. and can’t be fixed just trash it
    • Don’t donate these things because it just makes it harder for workers at the donation centers to go through things that should just be trash

There are two ways to organize: either just follow the list or start in the area that needs it the most in your home. I usually try to clean and organize my kitchen before anything else because we are in there daily, and if we have people over they will see the kitchen area. The office area is the next priority since Justin and I work from home so need it to be clean to be productive.

1. Pantry
2. Junk Drawer
3. Refrigerator/Freezer
4. Pots and Pans/Utensils
5. Desk
6. Books/Magazines
7. Paperwork
8. Computer Files
9. Under Beds
10. Clothes
11. Closets
12. Kids Clothes
13. Dressers/Nightstands
14. Jewelry/Accessories
15. Medicine Cabinet
16. Under Sinks
17. Linen Closet
18. Makeup/Skincare products
Living Room
19. Entertainment Center/Electronics/Cords
20. Garage
21. Kids Toys/Playroom
22. Craft Supplies
23. Holiday Decor
24. Vehicles
25. Cleaning Supplies
26. Backyard
27. Purse/Bag
28. Entryway
29. Other Storage Areas
30. Basement/Attic

30 Day Organizing Challenge for the Entire Home 30 Day Organizing Challenge for the Entire Home 30 Day Organizing Challenge for the Entire Home

41 thoughts on “30 Day Organization Challenge for the Entire House”

  1. I recently just did a thorough organization of the house. With only two of us, it doesn’t get unorganized very often but sometimes I forget i have things and I am glad to take stock!! I love organization challenges because it makes me rethink my stuff and if I can do it better.

  2. I could really stand to do this challenge in my house. I’m not the greatest at keeping things organized and I know we could thin out some of the things we aren’t using that often anymore. I really need to buckle down and do this soon.

  3. Good list! I’ve definitely been avoiding my pantry and bathroom linen closet. I need to get myself together! Maybe this will be the kick in the pants I needed!

  4. In the spring I totally reorganized my house. Now I need to start the process again .There really is a need for constant re-organization as you said, Stephanie

  5. I hate clutter in my house as I find it really stressful and it brings negative energy around. This is quite helpful in making a strategy to deep clean house in 30 Days 🙂

  6. That is a great list of things that need to be organized. And I do appreciate the constructive aspects here where you discuss who to sort through the things in the room. It is important to do that and be able to get rid of stuff where you can.

  7. During the end of summer people start to get ready for the winter and the first thing to do is to prepare their own house. First of all it should be organized and cleaned, all seasonal items should be stored like grills and elements of children yard.

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