2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life!

2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life!

You guys, I am so excited! The weather is finally warming up, and I get to wear my flip flops again today and don’t need a jacket! The high is in the mid-70s, and I am so happy about that! And, naturally, our plants seem to be enjoying it as well because we have a few signs of life again!!

The herb garden area has nothing but weeds growing. I think we are going to take this down soon and try to do an indoor herb garden. I just need to figure out the lighting. We get some good natural light in the house, but the plants would have to sit on a windowsill and with two little boys and a curious kitty cat that sounds like a recipe for disaster. 2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life!

There are a few plants still holding on in the vegetable garden, so hopefully, they can hang in there just a bit longer and come back to life as the weather continues to warm up. There isn’t much left of the celery plant, and that didn’t do too well this past year, so I am not counting much on that one. The mint, if you remember from a few months ago, used to almost cover a majority of that section in the garden. There are still leaves out there, but they are a bit more sparse at this moment. The green onions are still growing strong, and I have been able to harvest a few of those every so often for use in my cooking. The rest of the garden has all died out, even the pepper plants that have been growing for two years.

The signs of life I am excited about are in the tropical plants along the back of the yard. The spider grass never entirely died off, so there’s still some green on that, but the most significant improvement is in the canna lilies. Although, I’m not all that surprised. Those are some resilient plants. They have been moved from the front yard to the backyard and have gone through two winters back there that we have had to cut them all the way down and they continue to come back bigger and better than the year before!

The banana trees are also starting to show a little bit of growth. It isn’t as apparent as the cannas, but it’s there if you look closely. The same thing happened last year when we had to cut them back. There’s a small stem starting to grow in the center of the plants. It’s not even green at the moment, but that is still some growth!

Most of the blackberry bush is gone at this point. There’s only a small portion of it on the ground that is still green and growing. I’m also not sure what is going to happen with the pineapple plants. They were doing so well for so long, but then they took a hard hit with the freezing temperatures. I’m hoping they’ll start coming back soon as well.

For now, we will just keep making sure the plants get a bit of water, which hasn’t been a problem because it’s been raining at least once per week here. We are also starting to plan what we want to try to grow this coming year, and as soon as the stores have mulch in, we will mulch the beds.

My hope for this year’s garden:

  • Okra (I still have seed pods from last year’s plants)
  • Peppers (I kept seeds out of store-bought peppers)
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Blackberries
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries

We’ve tried tomatoes a few years now, and they never seem to grow in our yard. As I mentioned, I also want to do an indoor herb garden but haven’t decided what I am going to plant in that just yet.

2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life! 2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life!

13 thoughts on “2018 Garden Update #4: Signs of Life!”

  1. I am beyond jealous! I can not wait to one day grow some things outside. Also the fact that it’s warm enough for you to wear flipflops!! I hope to grow strawberries this year, I am counting down the days til I can go get the little plants and do them. I am not sure what else I plan to grow yet but I’ll be working on it!

  2. I have plans to garden this year but it seems to overwhelming as I’ve never done it before. I like the idea of an indoor herb garden. Thanks for posting pictures!!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to start a vegetable garden for a while, but I have no idea where to start, and not really know exactly how to take care of plants. I hope your reach for garden goals for this year, growing a pineapple plant seems interesting!

  4. I love gardening and I think I got this from my Mom. She loves it so much and spends so much time nursing her plants. I can’t wait to see your full grown beautiful garden until spring.

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