2018 Garden Update #3: 6 More Weeks of Winter

It’s Groundhog’s Day which means it’s the day we predict if we are about to have 6 more weeks of Winter or if Spring will start soon. Every year I hope and pray that we do NOT have 6 more weeks of cold, dreary, ugly winter weather. The winter is my least favorite season because I hate the cold. And it’s so hard on our plants.

But of course, I wake up this morning to the news that the “official” groundhog saw his shadow. But as I read the article further, it said he is wrong more often than he is right! So I’m going to run with that and hope he is wrong this year and we get spring early as usual in this area.

We’ve had an unseasonably cold winter this year, and it’s been miserable. Houston (yes, in South Texas) has had snow and ice three times this season. Three! For only the second time in history from what I’ve been told. Last weekend I went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding and the weather was much more bearable. The highs were in the low 70s and the lows in the mid-upper 50s.

Anyway, all this cold and snow and ice have wreaked havoc on our gorgeous tropical backyard. Just two months ago I was bragging about how it was mid-December and all of our plants were still lush and green! I guess I spoke too soon. There’s no green to be seen in our entire yard. Even the grass is all straw-colored right now.

Of course, one of the only things the freeze didn’t kill off is the weeds. The bottom of the herb garden is getting overgrown with weeds, but since we aren’t sure what we are going to do in that area this year yet, we are just letting it grow for now. There’s no reason to fight it.

2018 Garden Update #3

In the vegetable garden, the only things that have the smallest bit of green left are the mint leaves and the green onion. The mint is getting much more sparse now, though, compared to how it was even just a few weeks ago. I don’t know how the bulbs of the green onion are doing, but I usually use just the tops of them so I cut a bit off and let it grow back. At this time, it’s working pretty well.

2018 Garden Update #3

All of the ginger plants have gone completely brown, and the canna lilies are non-existent at this time. We cut the banana trees back a few weeks ago since they were starting to die, and we haven’t seen any new growth on those just yet. The spider grass has a little bit of green, but it’s not doing well either.

2018 Garden Update #3

2018 Garden Update #3

2018 Garden Update #3

Even the pineapples, which have stood up to a lot of the cold, finally started to turn brown after we had ice for almost 3 days last month. I was hoping the blackberry bush would be ok since they generally like cooler weather, but no such luck there.

2018 Garden Update #3

2018 Garden Update #3

Justin and I have a reminder set in the calendar in the next few weeks to get out there and clean out the plants. Then we are going to decide what plants we want to try to grow this year based on what we eat the most, and what has done well in the past. Since we are going to start mostly from seeds again, the end of February has been a good time to plant since the weather (usually) gets warm here starting in March. By the time the plants all sprout, the weather will be perfect for them. Then we are going to go buy some mulch and add more mulch to everything.

In other backyard news, we did get a nice used rug for out by the fire pit area! Justin’s parents got a new outdoor rug for their porch so they gave their old one to us. Whenever we have a fire we may have to remove it since I don’t know how hot it gets underneath, but it looks nice out there!

2018 Garden Update #3

2018 Garden Update #3 2018 Garden Update #3

14 thoughts on “2018 Garden Update #3: 6 More Weeks of Winter”

  1. That’s a huge yard you have there! I would love to see how it looks in spring and summer. Unfortunately, spaces like that don’t exist here in London so I’m stuck to just admiring other people’s gardens on photos.

  2. It is so cold in Jersey, and I haven’t seen my backyard. I am reading about your garden update with hope that winter will soon be over.

  3. We lived in Houston for a while. Now we’re in Wyoming. We usually have a couple feet of snow and winter lasts through April. This year has been mild, thank goodness!

  4. I love the cold weather so I’d love to see a little more of winter. It doesn’t get too cool here though. I like the idea of growing pineapples. I really don’t have a green thumb so I don’t have any plants outside. Hopefully I can change that when I move to a new home later this year.

  5. I can’t stand the cold dry weather as well. But since I live in Vegas, I don’t get the real cold anyway and this winter has been so warm!
    I can’t wait to see your garden during the spring! The only plant I have is a basil plant 😉

  6. thevelazquezhouse

    I wish I had the yard space that you do. I’m pretty limited to my porch since I rent an apartment. But I am still very much looking forward to Spring! Ready to get my gardening gloves on!

  7. I am just going to put it out there… I don’t have a green thumb unlike my mother… she good bring a plant back to life and they would be thriving… no matter how hard I try… I end up almost… and I mean almost… killing every plant that I have been given and it’s not from a lack of trying or caring… seriously… I am so bad with plants… that my biology class project was almost a goner… but because of my teammates… we still got an “A”. Every plant since then I received as a gift… I just donated to the biology department… I tried my best, but I am not good with plants!

  8. Has Punksatawny Phil ever not seen a shadow. I think I would worry if he didn’t. Who knows? Ah well. I am sorry about your blackberry bushes being hit by the cold. That would be disappointing.

  9. I can’t wait to see when it is finished! I am horrible at gardening. I try every year and my garden only looks great when it is first planted. 2 weeks later everything is dead :-/ Every year I try harder as I am sure I will again this year!

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