2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Come again another day!” or, as Tyler would sing, “Rain, rain, go away. Don’t come back, any day!” I always remind him that rain is good for the plants, but too much isn’t always great. 

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today, when I tried to take my photos, it was pouring down rain. So, for this week, it’s only photos that I could take from standing on the back porch. Without getting my socks wet. 

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Not only is it rainy, but the temperatures dropped drastically in Houston. Within 24 hours we dropped almost 20 degrees last week! Of course, that means the temperatures are now in the low 70s, but that’s chilly for me! Anything below 75F and I am cold. 

I couldn’t get over there to get photos of the pepper plants up close, but Justin said that there are quite a few peppers growing right now. They still need a little more time before they can be harvested. 

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

This winter, we are planning to pull everything out of the garden beds (except the blackberry bushes) and really turn them over and clean them out. We are just waiting to harvest those few peppers, and will try to put a bunch of the mint in a pot to bring in the house. 

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

When Justin was out there last weekend, he pulled all of the green onions, and we had three massive ones! I used a bit of one in a meal or two, but there was so much extra. I decided to freeze as much as I could for later.

Freezing green onion is simple: cut the stems off of the bulb, then chop each into small pieces. Lay everything out on a sheet pan and freeze. Once everything is frozen, move to a jar to keep in the freezer. I kept the tops separate from the bulbs because I use them differently in my cooking. We ended up with three quart-sized jars of the tops and one of the bulbs. Just remember, they will lose a bit of their crunch, so are best used when mixed in something like a soup rather than as a garnish. 

While the tropical plants aren’t loving the cooler weather as much, they are soaking up all of this rain! It looks more green now than it did a few weeks ago. 

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away
2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

One of the benefits of the cooler weather is the desire to actually go outside and work on the yard. Last weekend, Justin spent a few hours pressure washing all of our concrete. I know this isn’t exactly garden related, but it’s part of the backyard. And now everything looks so much cleaner!

2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

13 thoughts on “2018 Garden Update #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. Your garden looks so pretty and so does your patio decor. Clean and minimal. The pepper plants look so pretty and just curious to know if they are the hot and spicy or the regular mild ones.

  2. cute backyard garden. I wish that I could have a veggie garden and orchard. the day will come where we can grow our own food too 😉

  3. Your backyard looks amazing! Right now in the northeast everything is rainy and turning brown instead of that lush green! But I’m ready for the snow.

  4. Awesome, I have a garden as well, and you’re right the benefits of cooler weather are awesome. You actually have the motivation to go outside and do stuff! I pressure washed my back patio last week, then the car, the driveway, those things work amazing don’t they!?

    Nicholas Alexander Adams

  5. Angela Cardamone @marathonsandmotivation.com

    Your garden looks great! It’s almost winter here in Maine, so my garden is done until the Spring!

  6. When it rains here – it never is just a small rain. We always have hours and hours and the yard floods. I am glad to see that you have some peppers growing!

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