2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

So, not much has changed in the garden in the last few weeks. Basically, the watermelon rotted, the flowers have died, and it’s rained way too much. 

Luckily, the rain hasn’t been enough to cause any flooding problems in the Houston area. But, we are supposed to be getting more over the next few days. Our immediate neighborhood doesn’t have flooding problems, not even during Hurricane Harvey, but the surrounding area tends to get a lot of standing water. 

Even when I went to take the photos of the garden, it was raining. I grabbed a few photos from under the back porch but wasn’t getting any close-ups this time.

The mint is still growing, and we’ve been using it as we can. The pepper plants are getting bigger, too, but still no sign of flowers or peppers yet. We had to pull all of the watermelon plants out of the garden. Most of the vines were starting to die. Justin checked on the watermelon and it had split and was completely rotten. 

Most of the flowers on the canna lilies died off in the last couple of weeks. We never got as many brightly colored flowers as last year, but now our color is gone.

2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report
2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

We aren’t getting the cooler weather yet, but the plants are starting to show the fall coming. The banana trees have quite a few leaves that are turning yellow and brown. Justin cut quite a few dead leaves off last weekend and we already have more turning. 

2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report
2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

Justin keeps saying he wants to take out the orange tree, but we haven’t done it just yet. In the summer months, we do the minimum amount of yard work necessary. Whenever it starts to cool off, we will do more work in the back yard. But for now, we stick to the air conditioning. 

2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

Not many things grow here in the winter, so we are going to start planning our spring garden soon. With the heat in Texas, we need to plant at the end of January or the beginning of February.

2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report

10 thoughts on “2018 Garden Update #20: Not Much to Report”

  1. It’s too bad about your watermelon! I have always wanted to try growing them since I love them so much but I haven’t given it a try. I am amazed at how early you have to plant for your spring garden!

  2. I have a garden in my backyard and i know winters isn’t arriving soon so i have to wait for few more months, so I can totally relate. I’m happy overall as there are some flowers and plants which are still growing but i do hope winters come soon so that I can have a lush and colorful garden again

  3. I love your little garden and looks so lush and green. I have always wanted a garden of my own but living in a condo doesn’t helps. Hopefully one day I will have my own home with a little backyard to fulfill this dream.

  4. I’m sorry for all of the rain issues, but wow, what a beautiful little garden spot you have there. I love how you have such cute little designated areas. My advice: don’t give up. Keep at it and I’m sure next time will be more successful than this time was!

  5. I have not ever done a garden in my backyard but I have always wanted to. I am sorry that a lot of it is not thriving the way you wanted, but there is always Spring!

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