2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

It’s the second garden update of the year and I still don’t have much of an update. Other than the fact that we got snow. Again. For the third time this season. I read online that this is only the second time in history that the Houston area has gotten snow three times.

While it’s neat and fun, it’s been wreaking havoc on our plants. We took the covers off the plants for a week, only to have to put them back on before the temperatures started to drop again.

Then, as we kept watching the weather, it was predicted to have freezing rain and possible snow on Tuesday. Of course, we kept a watch over everything as the conditions started to deteriorate. By 5 pm on Monday, the local school district decided to cancel school for Tuesday because of the high potential for ice on the roads. This coming after an already long weekend because of the MLK holiday.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

At first, I wasn’t sure why they canceled until the rain started at about 9 am. It wasn’t even raining at that point, it was so cold that it was actually sleet. But it was coming down hard, like a summer rain shower. And it didn’t stop for hours.

Eventually, around 2 in the afternoon, the freezing rain switched to snow. There were a few times that it was barely snowing, and others that you could really see the snow falling.

We never got the buildup like we did when it snowed last month, but it stuck around much longer. In fact, we are going on three days now with snow/ice on the ground. Schools in the area were closed both Tuesday and Wednesday because the temperatures never got above freezing, meaning the roads were still icy.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

Yes, friends up north were laughing that Texas was basically shutting down because of the tiny amount of ice, but this area is just not equipped to handle it. We don’t have the trucks to salt the roads or the plows or anything else.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

Anyways, all this to explain why I don’t have much of an update for the garden. We had to cut back most of the plants when it started to get cold, and now everything is either dead, dying, or covered. And since we still haven’t been able to take the blankets off of the plants yet, we aren’t sure what happened to the ones that are covered.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

We are hoping that most of the plants will be resilient enough to come back once the weather stops dipping below freezing. The only thing we are worried about is how well the blankets and sheets protected the plants. It all got soaked in the freezing rain and then became covered in ice. The covers may not have done much of anything at this point.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

I do have to say, this is one thing I never thought I would really have to worry about when planting a garden in the Houston area. We love our tropical plants and having a lot of green in the backyard. This cold weather has turned everything brown and it doesn’t look like my warm summer backyard anymore. The temperatures have been ridiculous lately, and I hate it. I hate the cold. I’m tired of how dry the air has been. I am over having to put on so many layers just to go from the car to the school.

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

Next weekend I am headed to South Florida for a quick getaway to watch my cousin get married, and the weather is going to be perfect for me. Friday and Saturday have a high of 80 degrees, so I can finally warm up for a few days!

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow! 2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!

26 thoughts on “2018 Garden Update #2: More Snow!”

  1. theclutterboxblog

    that’s crazy you have snow. I live with snow 4 months out of the year and have no outdoor plants because of it but the lack of sun is playing havoc on my indoor plants. Hope your garden bounces back! Have fun at your cousins wedding!

  2. To me this the coldest winter, I haven’t been in my backyard and you should come and share some of the cold with us in the Northeast.

  3. We had snow back in December which was fun. But the UK either has really rubbish snow or no snow at all! I’ve not been out the backyard in ages because it’s too cold for me!

  4. Unpredictability with the weather is the only thing I don’t like about gardening. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a cold season– I’m in the north and it’s been exceptionally cold here as well.

  5. thevelazquezhouse

    Girl, yes the weather this year has been absolutely crazy! Here in Florida it’s been pretty cold, 28 degrees up to 50 or 60 if lucky. My poor green babies have been suffering as well. Hope your garden bounces back after this frost is over with!

  6. I am so jealous of the amount of snow you have gotten. Us Dallas people haven’t had any this year, and it’s unlikely we will. 🙁 Love your photos.

  7. It can be fun to have something completely different when it comes to weather. It seems like you had a unique experience. I hope that the garden doesn’t suffer too much from the freezing weather.

    1. That’s true. It was fun to see. It’s the first time I’ve ever had snow at my own house! But now I’m ready for Texas to get back to it’s normal 70 degree weather. We are taking the blankets off the plants later so I’m hoping they helped at least a little!

  8. So crazy the weather you have gotten this year!! I’m originally from Dallas, but am currently living in Boston. Here it snows like crazy, but they are at least prepared for it so its not as big of a deal. I remember in Dallas if it snowed even an inch the whole city would shut down! haha.

    Best of luck and stay warm!

    1. Yep, Texas basically shut down for a couple days. But as you said, the biggest problem is not being equipped to handle the snow. We don’t have salt trucks or snow plows or anything like that. No one knows how to drive on the roads like this. And we don’t have the clothing for it! My best friend lives in Dallas now and the first time they had snow she called in sick because she’s from South Florida as well and didn’t even know what to do!

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