2017 Garden Update #8: First Harvest

I absolutely love how much everything is growing in the garden! When you look out back, there is so much green now, it’s beautiful. My banana trees are growing well which makes me happy because those are one of my favorite plants out there. I just love the look of the banana trees. They are so tropical looking! And the largest one has 4 pups growing off it, and one of those is almost as tall now as the new trees we planted a couple months ago.

Our canna lily plants have started flowering as well, adding a bit of color to the backyard. We want to get some wildflowers to plant in the front of the flowerbed to add more color, but just haven’t gotten them yet. For now, the cannas add just that bit of color.

Our herb garden is flourishing, and the squash is about to overrun it’s area on the bottom. We figured that would happen, but we are just going to let it grow for now. We have already harvested 2 squashes and have another couple that are almost ready!

We’ve been able to harvest 2 squashes, some lettuce, and some of the herbs that I am drying out right now.

The vegetable garden is hit and miss for what’s growing well. The carrots are still very tiny, but growing slowly. The celery hasn’t done a whole lot yet still, and something is eating the okra and some of the broccoli leaves. One of the tomato plants in the garden is starting to bear, and the one in the herb garden is as well. The lettuce is almost all ready to start harvesting, and the green peppers are growing. I planted some red peppers from the seeds out of a store-bought pepper, and those have sprouted as well. There is a tiny little yellow pepper starting to grow too.

Our blackberry bush is starting to really spread out and have a lot of leaves on it. I don’t think we will get any fruit this year, but hopefully it will continue to do well and we will have some next summer. The orange tree still hasn’t flowered again, but it may not flower until later in the year. Our strawberry plants are getting larger. There are a few small strawberries, but we haven’t been able to harvest anything off of those just yet. And the pineapple plant is growing, but those can take up to two years to fully grow, so that will be a while.

At this point, we are pretty happy with what we have. Last year, besides some of the herbs, we didn’t really get much out of the garden. I’m glad it’s doing so well this year and we have already been able to enjoy some of the food we’ve grown. It’s still a work in progress, and it always will be, but we are enjoying having the garden.

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