Garden Update 5 | My Banana Trees Have Life

2017 Garden Update #6: My Banana Trees Have Life!

Banana Trees

I’m so so happy to report that all of my banana trees are showing signs of life again! I almost cut two of them down earlier this week thinking there was no hope for them, but I’m so glad I got lazy didn’t do it yet. Our biggest banana tree also has two “pups” starting to grow from it too!


Everything in the herb garden is flourishing right now. We still aren’t sure which plants Justin put in the bottom sections, but they are growing like crazy! Hopefully soon we will be able to figure out which it is. It’s either cucumber, zucchini, or squash. We also may need to move it at some point if it gets too big. But for now, since the plants are doing well, we will leave them in place.

Vegetable Garden

There are a few things that still haven’t sprouted yet, but overall the vegetables are growing well. The okra is getting taller in the back of the garden, and the onions are all growing too. The celery hasn’t grown much but hasn’t died either. The tomatoes that we planted have doubled in size, but the ones that Justin planted a couple weeks ago aren’t doing much yet. The broccoli and lettuce haven’t stopped growing, and the peppers are holding on.

Fruit Garden

The fruit garden isn’t growing quite as fast as the vegetables, but I don’t expect it to. The blackberry bushes are starting to show a lot of green on the bottom so hopefully they will start growing more soon. The orange tree still doesn’t have any flowers on it again after the freeze, but the tree is looks like it’s growing well. At least one of the pineapples has growth, and the strawberries have a few tiny berries starting to grow.

Backyard Plants

The rest of the plants in the backyard are starting to fill out more and more each week as the weather keeps warming up. We still don’t have any flowers growing on the lilies yet, but they are growing up and out. The other plants (I still don’t know what they are called) are filling in slightly as well.

New Fan

Ok, not exactly garden related, but we got a new fan out on the back porch! I’ve never liked the light that was originally out there, and we’ve been wanting a fan out there. We have Ryan’s birthday party tomorrow, so I convinced Justin that we should just go ahead and get the fan and get it hung up. It looks so nice!

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