Garden Update 5 | Flowering and Growth

2017 Garden Update #5: Flowering and Growth

It always amazes me just how much a garden can grow in a short amount of time! Everything is showing improvement, and a few of the plants are starting to flower already! We have had a lot of rain in Houston over the last two weeks, and though the boys don’t like being cooped up, our garden is definitely loving it.

Update on the herb garden: We recently moved the pineapple plants into the area of the raised beds with the strawberries and added some squash and zucchini starter plants that Justin’s dad gave to us. At least, we are pretty sure those are the squash and zucchini. He also gave us some cucumber and we believe that is what was planted in the vegetable garden. We won’t really know until they start flowering!

Our vegetable garden is looking promising. We have a little bit of almost everything growing right now. The celery is holding on, the onions are growing, the okra has sprouted, and the (hopefully) cucumber is hanging on. The tomato plants that we got are definitely growing, and the ones that Justin’s dad gave us are still there, just not growing quite as fast. The green peppers from last year are starting to flower, and the broccoli is showing promise. Our lettuce is flourishing as well.

The fruit garden is doing well too. The blackberry bushes don’t show a whole lot of signs of growth, but those are a slow-growing plant, so it can take a while for those. The orange tree lost all of it’s fruit when it froze a few weeks ago, and hasn’t started to get any flowers back yet. When Justin moved the pineapple, he noticed that one of them definitely has new growth on it, and the other he wasn’t sure so he planted it just in case. He said that one had a lot of dirt around it as if it was all stuck to a root system, so we will see! We planted 10 strawberry plants, and at least three of them already have flowers on them.

Last but not least, the area in between the two garden beds is finally starting to fill out a bit more again. I still don’t know what the plants are on the ends that Justin’s parents gave us, but those are getting growth finally. The canna lily plants, as always, are getting much bigger. We haven’t had any more flowers yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. The two new banana trees are doing good, and two of the four old ones have more growth on them. The other two older banana trees, even though they showed signs of growth for a little while, may not make it. They haven’t grown in over a week and the ends aren’t green anymore either.

Is anyone else working on a garden? How is yours going? What do you have growing?

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