Garden Update 4 | New Plants and Sprouts

2017 Garden Update #4: New Plants & Sprouts

A lot has happened in the garden in the last two weeks! I had posted a list of the items we wanted to try to grow in the garden this year, and we have since gotten either starters or seeds for almost all of it!

*Warning, lots of photos this week!*

We went to the Houston Garden Center, and bought a bunch of their starter plants, as well as a more established blackberry bush. As soon as we got home, we gathered any other seeds we had from before, the new plants, and Justin’s dad had brought us two new banana trees when he got some. So we started to lay out where everything would go in the garden beds. I also replanted the ones that we had kept in the pots for a while.

For Valentine’s Day, the guys went and got me a potted Tulip plant, so we decided to plant that for some color out in the backyard. We didn’t realize that Tulips don’t like a lot of water, and had days of rain afterwards, so they aren’t looking quite as good. Hopefully they will bounce back.

Last weekend, when we were out in the backyard, we decided that it was time to just cut the banana trees way back and see what happens. Apparently, a lot! Two of them were pretty rotten looking, so I don’t know if they will survive, but the other two have grown quite a bit since we did that!

Sometime last week I also went through and trimmed all the dead leaves off of the other plants out there. I’m pretty sure at this point we are past any threat of freeze, and the plants seem to be happier now too.

Almost all of the seeds we planted are starting to sprout already as well! The lettuce was the first to come up, and now you can see some of the broccoli as well. The carrots have a couple sprouts here and there, not even enough to catch a photo of, and same with the okra.

And here are some photos of the other plants we have and their progress this week:

And finally, a pano of the whole back yard!

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