2017 Garden Update 3

2017 Garden Update #3: Warm Weather & Green Plants

Thankfully, the weather has been much better here lately. The nights are averaging in the 60s and the days in the upper 70s. That’s my kind of weather!! And, it also happens to be the perfect weather for all of our plants. I know it will take a while to recover from the freeze earlier this year, but we are slowly getting some growth back on all the plants.

When we were at walmart the other day, I bought two new plants for the herb garden to slowly start adding to the plants. We got some sweet basil, since I love to cook with basil.

We also got some sweet mint, because we enjoy making some strawberry mojitos and those take a lot of mint leaves! I also am not sure how well the one from last year will grow (on the left), although it seems to be doing good so far.

These green onions are still from last season when I just planted the bulb from a few that I got for a recipe at one point. They grow great and are easy to care for. Whenever I need some green onion for a recipe, I just cut a stalk off and it grows right back!

This aloe plant is getting out of control! It is definitely thriving here getting partial sun. The other plant is under the roof so it gets less sun, but it has a flower growing on it and this one doesn’t. So I don’t know which is really better for it at this point.

It’s not much, but that is some green! We were told to not cut back the dead leaves until any threat of freeze has passed. Here in Houston, I’ve heard that anything past St. Patrick’s Day is usually safe. If you cut back the dead leaves, you may be exposing new growth. Then if it freezes again, there won’t be anything to protect that new growth.

I peeled the banana plant back a little bit, and it is showing a lot of green on the inside. Like the other plants, I am going to leave it for now in case of any other freeze.

It’s still looking a little sad out there, but hopefully by the end of spring to beginning of summer we will have a lot of beautiful tropical plants growing in the backyard again.

2017 Garden Update 3 2017 Garden Update 3

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