2017 Garden Update #24: Houston, We Have a Problem

Ok, y’all know I live in the South for a reason, right? I hate the cold. Well, guess what, it snowed last week. In Houston. Although the snow was pretty awesome and so beautiful, it was horrible for all of our tropical plants. Then on top of the snow, we have had a frost for a couple of nights as well.

Tuesday, we had a high in the upper 70s. By Thursday night, we were watching the weather as the snow front was moving closer and closer. Our hourly showed some snow possible in the late hours. Around 10 pm we went outside to see a bit of sleet/snow starting to fall! I was so excited. Yes, I hate the cold, but I always say if it’s going to be that cold, it needs to just snow.

2017 Garden Update 24: Houston, We Have a Problem

We decided that, since this is such a rare happening, we would wake the boys up so they could see it snowing outside. They weren’t so sure about it, went out for a moment, and decided it was too cold and ran back inside. In the morning, we woke up to a light dusting of snow on everything! This was the first time I have ever had snow at my own house. I think I was more excited than the boys! We woke them up early that morning to play before the snow melted by about 10 am.

2017 Garden Update 24: Houston, We Have a Problem

Anyways, we had a great time with the snow, but our plants did not. It looked gorgeous on the plants, but now, afterward, the plants don’t look so happy. As I said, we have had a few mornings with frost out there too, and that did most of the plants in.

After the snow and the frost, most of the plants started to wilt or die off. Only the mint plant seems to be holding up pretty well so far in the vegetable garden area. There are a few peppers still growing, but I don’t think they are going to last long in the cold weather.

The pineapples are showing a little bit of yellow on the leaves that are growing, but they look like they are still healthy for the most part. The orange tree is the same as always, not growing but not dying off either. The blackberry bush is fine, but those typically do well in the colder weather, so I am not too worried about losing too much of that.

The rest of our tropical plants, the ones that were still alive before the snow and frost, are looking pretty sad at this point. We had to cut back the canna lilies a few weeks ago because they were already starting to brown. The banana trees were doing well until we got the snow. Then the frost the next day did them in for the most part. Justin went out and cut back some of the leaves after the first frost, but the rest are starting to wilt now.

This weekend, once the weather warms up slightly, we are going to do some work out in the backyard. We need to pull a bunch of weeds and want to clean out the rest of the plants. With the temperatures staying low over the next couple weeks, the plants aren’t going to last.

As much as I hate to do it, we are probably going to have to cut the banana trees way back again. We learned early this year that, by cutting all the leaves off of the banana trees, it leaves the plants able to focus on the central part of it and use the nutrients for the base. Once we did this after the last frost of the winter in February, they started growing almost an inch or two per day.

So, while the snow was fun and beautiful, it wreaked havoc on our backyard plants.

2017 Garden Update #24: Houston, We Have A Problem 2017 Garden Update #24: Houston, We Have A Problem

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