2017 Garden Update #23: Green and Lush even in December

2017 Garden Update #23: Green and Lush even in December

Not much has changed in the garden the last few weeks, except for the weeds that are forever trying to take over. The weather has been gorgeous in Houston lately (highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s) so this weekend we are planning to get out there and do some garden maintenance.

In addition to the weeds, I also noticed that the garden bed that usually has the lettuce and the pepper plants is covered in ant piles. I don’t want to put the ant killer in there since we will be growing food, but I also can’t work in there with the ants. We aren’t planning on planting much until the spring, so hopefully, it will all be diluted enough by then.

Justin and I have also been talking about future plans for the garden, and we are going to rearrange a few things when we replant in the spring. Two years in a row now the tomatoes don’t grow, so I don’t think we are going to attempt those. And the lettuce doesn’t like the heat so that will go where the tomatoes were since that corner gets less sun throughout the day.

The herb garden is nothing but weeds and my two aloe plants. I’ve been trying to research growing herbs inside so the temperature is more consistent. We are going to give it a shot this year without a sun light and hope that the light coming through the windows is enough.

2017 Garden Update #23

The few things that are left in the vegetable area seem to be doing well so far. I’m sure the mild winter helps since we haven’t had any freezes here yet. The celery is the only thing that isn’t growing, but the one carrot that grew (not sure what happened to the rest) is getting huge. When we work in the yard this weekend I think I am going to pull it and see what we have there. The green onions are also flourishing, but when I use them I only use the green part, so that will continue to grow back as long as the bulb underneath is healthy.

The mint is still growing and spreading out through most of the garden bed. We pick some at least once a week to use for recipes, and it doesn’t seem to even make a dent. The peppers are also, surprisingly, still growing and producing. Those will also probably be ready to pick in a couple days.

Our tropical plants along the back of the yard are loving this mild weather we have had recently. The ginger plants are almost halfway up the fence now and still just as green as they’ve always been. We cut back the canna lilies a few weeks ago, and they are already starting to grow back in. The banana trees have another bunch of bananas that are starting to flower right now. That tree is leaning into the yard, so it may need to be propped up at some point with the extra weight of the bananas on it.

I’m not too sure what is going on with the blackberry bush. The vines keep growing well, but it still hasn’t produced any fruit. I know it can take a year or two sometimes, but I am ready for some fresh blackberries! The pineapple plants are getting bigger and greener, but there’s no sign of a fruit growing in either of them just yet. I am amazed at how well the pineapple grows from just the top of a storebought fruit!

2017 Garden Update #23: Green and Lush even in December

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