Garden Update #22: We Have Bananas

2017 Garden Update #22: We Have Bananas

The coolest thing happened in the garden this week, our banana trees actually have bananas growing on them! We were also able to harvest some lettuce before it started to bolt.

As soon as we saw the bananas growing, we did a bit of research and at this point, the bananas probably need a few months until they will be ready to harvest. Hopefully, they make it through the winter, but so far we haven’t had the temperature drop too low yet. Not sure if the bananas will last, but it’s still cool to know that the trees can grow bananas!

There’s been a bit of lettuce growing in the garden, but it tends to bolt before it grows big enough to harvest. Last week, while we were doing some cleaning up in the yard, the boys asked if they could eat some of the lettuce. We weren’t sure how it would taste, but they said it was good. We were able to harvest enough to have salads with dinner for a couple nights with it.

The only thing currently doing much of anything in the herb garden area right now is the aloe plants. I’ve been saying it for months (and still haven’t done it) but I really need to get some more pots to separate some of the plants.

Both aloe plants have flowers growing on them again as well.

The mint is growing a lot, and we’ve been able to gather a bunch of it to use in the kitchen without seeming to even make a dent in the amount out there.

One of the carrots it still growing really well. Since it’s underground, I have no idea how well the actual carrot is doing, but the top of it keeps getting bigger.

We pulled the only bit of lettuce that was growing again. The pepper plants are still holding on out there. Some of them are looking a little ragged, but a few peppers grow every now and then.

There is one green pepper almost ready to pull, and a few others that some bugs or birds got to before we could harvest them.

The ginger plants continue to get bigger and seem to be doing well out there. They are getting so big that they are starting to cover some of the spider grass that we moved out there a few months ago.

Another item we marked off the to-do list was to clean out the canna lilies and cut them back. Justin started by just cleaning out the dead parts of the lilies, and it ended up being easier to go ahead and cut them all back. The only thing he left was the pieces of new growth.

I was really glad Justin said he was willing to do the canna lilies because he said that one of them had a huge wasps nest that was built on one of the leaves. He knew there was one near there, but never found it because he was expecting it on the fence, not on a plant. I’m just glad I wasn’t out there!

The blackberry bush has taken root in multiple places, and now that we cut it back a few weeks ago it is starting to grow more healthy limbs again.

Despite thinking they were gone long ago, but moving them just in case, the pineapple plants are getting really big. The leaves are starting to yellow just slightly, so I think they need a little more water than they are getting right now since it isn’t raining as much lately.

Garden Update #22: We Have Bananas Garden Update #22: We Have Bananas

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