2017 Garden Update #21: Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind!

2017 Garden Update #21: Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind!

Well, at this point, there isn’t too much of a garden left out there. Most of our plants died off with the heat, and what was left didn’t like the cold snap we had for a week here. Now it’s warm again, but going to get cold next week. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind!

2017 Garden Update #21: Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind!

The guys went out and did some gardening this week, and cleaned out the weeds that were overgrowing some of the garden areas. We also cut down the okra plants and pulled the lettuce plants that were bolting. Justin harvested some of the mint leaves, but you can’t even tell because of how much we have still growing out there. Also, most of the carrots didn’t end up growing this year, but we have a couple that are still going strong. I can’t see any of the orange parts of them yet, but the green tops continue to grow so we are going to leave them out there for now and see what happens.

The plan was to also clean out the dead parts on the canna lilies and the banana trees, but we had plans over the weekend so didn’t have time to get to the rest of the backyard. That will be on the schedule to finish up this weekend hopefully. The banana trees are still doing well, there are just a few dead limbs that we want to trim to try to help the plants be healthier and grow better. I’m hoping that we don’t lose them this winter like we did last year. As for the canna’s, there isn’t much left on those, and they don’t seem to be growing anymore either. Luckily, these are perennials, so they will come back in the spring like they did this year. We planted two bulbs originally, and now have half the backyard fence covered with canna lilies, I have no idea what to expect from them next year!

While we were out there pulling the weeds, we also cut the blackberry bush way back. With the way that it’s growing, we now have about 6 areas that have taken root so maybe we will get a harvest over the winter with that many bushes out there. I know I say it every time, but I am still amazed at how much the pineapple plants have grown. I started those from the tops of store-bought plants, not having any idea how they would do. I know pineapples usually like warm weather, so hopefully, they can live through the winter.

I haven’t posted about the plants in the front yard in a long time, so figured they could use an update as well. We are loving the bright green plants we found for the flower beds. They add some extra color to the front of the house and look nice. The begonias haven’t done really well up front, so we are just going to let the green plants take over the beds. We got a few more recently and planted those behind the initial line that we first planted. The fern is also finally starting to grow back. It looked great for a while, then all died in the cool spring weather, and just hasn’t recovered very well until now. A few months ago we also got two more of the red-tip photinia plants that we have in the back of the flower beds because there weren’t any at the back of the smaller one. Those are filling in now, and starting to look more like a bush to have a bit of a barrier from the flower bed to the front porch.

2017 Garden Update #21: Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind! 2017 Garden Update #21: Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind!

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