2017 Garden Update #20: Finally Fall Weather

Hello, beautiful Fall weather! The weather has finally started to cool off here in South Texas and we were able to open the windows to let some fresh air in, and it was amazing. Our cat has been sitting in the window all day and the air conditioner has been off.

The only problem with the cooler weather is what it does to our plants. We have mostly tropical plants growing in the yard, which means they don’t stand up very well to any kind of drop in temperature. The herb garden had already died off quite a while ago because of the intense heat that they didn’t like. The okra has started all falling over, so we will be cutting that back next time we get a chance to do some work in the yard.

We don’t even know what we are doing right, but the mint is still growing wild in the garden. We’ve pulled some more and plan to make some Strawberry Mojitos soon before strawberries go completely out of season and become too expensive. The lettuce that started growing a few weeks ago is already starting to bolt. Hopefully, it will come in again and be able to grow better once the weather cools off a little more.

On the other side, with all the fruit, there isn’t much change. The pineapples are still growing, and the blackberry bush doesn’t have any fruit yet. The orange tree is still green and growing, just very slowly.

The rest of our tropical plants, the ones along the back of the yard, are starting to show the effects of the cooler weather. The Canna Lilies are definitely the worst for the cool weather so far. They are all starting to brown, but they are perennials, so they should be back next year again. Everything we have now started from just two bulbs that we planted, so we have no idea how many we are going to have next year now.

The banana trees and ginger plants seem to be holding on in the colder weather so far, but we don’t know how long they will last. Last year the banana trees started dying off in late December, and we weren’t sure what to do with them. We finally cut them back in February and they started growing again. We had also recently moved them. Since they’ve been there for over a year, we are hoping that they are a little more established and won’t have such a hard time in the winter.

2017 Garden Update #20

2017 Garden Update #20: Finally Fall Weather 2017 Garden Update #20: Finally Fall Weather

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