2017 Garden Update #17

2017 Garden Update #17: Hurricane Harvey

Well, Houston made national news again with a historic flood two weeks ago as Hurricane Harvey ravaged the state. We were very lucky that our neighborhood didn’t flood and we didn’t have any major issues with our house. Some of our plants did not fare as well, though. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of the herb garden this week because everything in it is dead. Our aloe plants are still sitting near it because we put them on there to help protect from the winds during the storm. But other than that, it’s just a bunch of dirt-filled pots right now.

2017 Garden Update #17

As we were watching outside during the storm, we noticed the wind ripping through the banana trees. We didn’t lose any of the limbs on them, but the leaves themselves got torn up. This has happened before with other thunderstorms, and the trees should be fine. It’s very obvious now which leaves were there before Harvey and which ones have grown since then because they are fully intact. A few days ago, Justin went out to try to clean up the garden a bit, pull some weeds, and also to cut back some of the limbs from the cannas that fell over. The okra also was knocked over in the wind, so we did our best to try to stand that back upright. It looks like the plants aren’t damaged but just fell over a bit. Hopefully, cutting off what broke and standing it up will be enough that they all keep growing.

The vegetable garden, well, what’s left of it, is doing pretty well now. Even after the storm, the okra is still producing, so we are hoping that means it’s ok. The mint is a little sparse right now, but we’ve learned it needs a lot of sunlight, and when the okra fell over it was covering the mint and blocking it from getting the sun it needs. Now that the sun can get to it, the mint seems to be growing a little better again. The green onions seem to have done fine during the storm and are still growing in their small cluster. The tomato plants all completely died off, as well as the broccoli and lettuce, so those are gone.

We trimmed back the pepper plants because they were getting so long that the peppers were weighing them down. We also noticed that the peppers were growing funny, so figured we would try to cut it back and see what happens. When the guys were out the other day, Tyler asked Justin if he could eat a piece of lettuce. At first, Justin told him no because it was all weeds, then Tyler pointed out what he was talking about and that it looked like lettuce. Sure enough, there’s a little bit of lettuce trying to grow again!

Besides some of the cannas falling over, and the banana tree leaves getting a little torn up, most of the plants along the back fence are thriving right now. The Variegated Shell Ginger (I finally figured out what they are called!) are getting huge. And the monkey grass (I’ve been calling it spider grass) are doing so much better in the backyard than they were in the front, and are starting to get some purple flowers on them now as well.

Last but not least, on the other side of the garden, our strawberries did not survive the heat of summer plus the hurricane. They are all completely gone at this point. The blackberry bush seems to have held up through the storm, and we are hoping as the weather starts to cool off slightly that it may start producing in the next couple months. The pineapple plants are getting really big as well, although those take up to two years to produce a full-size pineapple, so it will be a while still until we can harvest.

2017 Garden Update #17 2017 Garden Update #17 2017 Garden Update #17

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