2017 Garden Update #16

2017 Garden Update #16: Garden Cleanup

This week, the guys did a lot of work out in the garden. I would have helped, but, wasps. I am terrified of wasps and there are way too many in the backyard for me right now. They went out and did a lot of cleaning out in the garden, and pulled a lot of weeds.

2017 Garden Update 16

Justin took out a lot of the plants in the vegetable garden because they were all either dead or bolting. We trimmed back the pepper plants as well. The okra is still growing a lot, and we are collecting from it every other day lately.

All of our strawberry plants have died, so we pulled all of those out and will possibly try again in the fall. I don’t think the strawberries liked the heat much here at all. The pineapples are growing really well. They definitely love the warm weather. Our orange tree is not growing or blossoming, but it isn’t dying either. The blackberry bush is the same. Once the weather cools off a bit, we are going to trim back the blackberry bush and see if we can get it to produce over the winter.

The rest of the plants are loving the warmth and the rain we’ve been getting. And now this weekend, we have Hurricane Harvey barreling down on us, so the plants are going to get plenty of water. The only thing I’m really worried about is the banana trees because they don’t like all the wind.

2017 Garden Update 16

Lately, I’ve been saving the seeds from anything I can in the kitchen to start planting again in about a month for the fall season. I have a container full of about 100 pepper seeds of all different colors. I also saved a few of the largest okra pods to use for seeds if we lose the plants in the garden now.

I didn’t do any photos of the herb garden this week because there is nothing to photograph. We’ve lost everything in the herb garden and have realized that it just doesn’t do well outside here. I am currently researching what I would need to do to grow the herbs inside. I just need to figure out the best place to keep them where they will get light, but also be out of reach of the boys and the cat. A couple weeks ago we hung some new shelves in the living room, so I am trying to figure out if one of those would be a good place for some herbs.

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