Garden Update 11

2017 Garden Update #11: Hot Weather and Our Plant’s Response

So I missed the last garden update since I was in the hospital for my thyroid removal surgery. I was going to have Justin take the photos for me, but my surgery was on Wednesday, and I didn’t get home until late on Thursday, and just did not have the time or energy to post a garden update. For that reason, there is a huge difference in the last garden update since it was 4 weeks ago.

The weather has definitely heated up in Texas, and some of our plants are not liking it. We’ve had a few things start to bolt because of the heat. The cilantro had bolted a while ago, and now the basil is starting to bolt as well as the lettuce. We weren’t sure about the lettuce, but Justin tried some of it and said it had turned very bitter. Last year, I thought that the herb garden hadn’t gotten enough water while we were on vacation, but now that this is our second year, and the same things are happening, we are learning what can’t handle the south Texas heat as well as other plants.

In the vegetable garden, we finally have some carrots starting to grow. Most of them didn’t ever sprout, but a few are getting pretty big. The celery hasn’t grown much, but isn’t dying either. The mint is definitely more happy in the garden bed than it was in the herb garden, and the okra is starting to grow. Last year the green onions grew tall, but never grew an actual bulb. This year I can see a bulb starting to grow. Our tomato plants are getting tall, and are starting to fall over even with stakes for them. We have gotten a few tomatoes off of them so far. The broccoli plants are getting huge, but still not signs of florets yet. Our pepper plants have been bearing a lot. We’ve eaten a few of the green peppers from the garden, were able to grab another red pepper tonight, and there are many more still growing. Like I said, all the lettuce has bolted, so Justin cut down most of it, but left a few stalks growing so we can get the seeds from it.

Along the back of the yard, everything is starting to grow really well. The spider grass is giving off new shoots, and the ginger bushes are starting to fill out. The canna lilies are getting huge, no surprise, and all have flowers on them. The banana trees are growing great even in the heat, and are all getting taller. We planted 6 banana trees, but now have at least 10, maybe more out there because they keep sending out pups too. With all the plants we have, our yard has a very tropical look, and I love it!

Over in the fruit garden, the blackberry bush is getting out of control! We’ve had to tie up so many of the branches to the structure we built for it. We also noticed the first fruit on it the other day! It hasn’t turned black yet, so hopefully the birds don’t eat it before we can harvest it once it’s ripe enough. It’s amazing how much that has grown in the last few months. The strawberry plants are also sending out a lot of runners, and still flowering a bit. With the heat, they don’t seem to be producing as much, but the plants are still growing so we hope that means we will have a lot of strawberries in the spring. Both of the pineapples that I planted are growing, although it will be a while because those take about two years to produce a fruit. I just mostly wanted to see if we could get them to grow.

Also, the day before my surgery, Justin and I went to the Houston Garden Center because they were having a half off everything sale. We wanted to redo the flower beds in the front yard, and set ourselves a budget of $50. Our total: $48.70! We were able to get a bunch of green ground-cover plants (there was no tag so not sure what exactly it is), enough begonias to cover the area, and grabbed two of the same bush that’s already in the front of the house to add to the flower bed on the side. Justin also rearranged the fern in the pot and it’s doing better now that he did that. We moved the asiatic lilies out of the front bed, and put a few behind the bushes so they will grow next to the front window, and a few went to the backyard, and the rest we gave to Justin’s parents for their yard.

Garden Update 11 Garden Update 11

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