2017 Garden Update #10: New Structures and Growing Vegetables

This week, we added a few “structures” to the garden areas that needed them, and moved a few plants around. The first thing we did was move the mint from the herb garden area into the vegetables garden. I know it isn’t a vegetable, but it wasn’t doing well where the herbs are, so we put it where it can get more sun during the day. We also read that mint plants like a lot of water, and that area stays wet more than the pots in the herb garden do. As of right now, that long pot is empty again in the herb garden.

All of the Cilantro has bolted, so we pulled that out and just planted it in the soil to see if it will grow new Cilantro. The squash plants have a mildew growing on them, and Justin read online that one solution is to mix milk and water and spray it on the leaves one to two times per week, so we are trying that. We also have a few zucchini plants starting to grow finally!

In the vegetable garden, we put some stakes in for the tomato plants to try to help those grow a little better. The lettuce is getting out of control! We keep harvesting some for salads, but it grows back faster than we are eating it. In a few weeks, we may try to harvest a lot of it and see if we can give it to a few friends/neighbors because I hate for it to go to waste. Our broccoli plants are getting huge, but no signs of florets yet on any of them. We have a few huge peppers growing, and have harvested two of them already for the chicken kabobs we made for dinner the other night.

All of the plants along the back of the yard are still growing well. The ginger plants are still coming in and filling out. The canna lilies are getting huge, like we figured they would. And the banana trees continue to have new leaves every day and a couple more pups have come up. I love the look of the banana trees out there, they are so big and green and tropical! I don’t care if they never produce bananas, I just like the look.

The other structure we built this week for the garden is something for the blackberry bushes to grow on. They have been getting big lately and sending runners out, and they were starting to go out of the garden bed and into the yard. Justin and his dad (with Tyler and Ryan’s help of course!) built a very basic fence to attach the blackberry vines on to keep them shaped more like a bush. Next to the blackberry bush, we aren’t sure what’s going on with the orange tree. It hasn’t had any flowers for a few months, and doesn’t seem to be getting bigger, but it’s still green and growing. The strawberry plants are definitely getting bigger, and producing some fruit, but we have also seen a few birds over there eating our fruit!

Garden Update 10 Garden Update 10

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