14 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

14 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Reminder: Valentine’s Day is TODAY! In case you forgot. It’s ok, a lot of people do. I’ve put together a list of 14 last-minute gifts you can get for your significant other on the way home from work and he/she will never know you forgot! And most of these things can be found at your regular grocery store!!

14 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


It’s an old standby, yes. But it’s always a good one. My husband knows I love a good Hershey’s milk chocolate bar and gets me one every year. It’s not much, it’s cheap, but it’s also very appreciated. Chocolate not your thing? Get the biggest size you can of their favorite candy, or a variety of candy to make a “candy bouquet”.


Also a typical V-Day gift, but do it different. Unless her favorite flower is a rose, get something different. This year my husband brought me home some tulips that were still in a pot. We love to work on the garden and have fun colorful plants in the backyard, so one that was still potted is perfect. Cut roses would have just died, but I was able to plant this so we can enjoy it for much longer than a week.


Candles smell amazing and can be romantic if you want. Maybe have dinner by candlelight tonight after you buy a candle. Hint: if you are going to light it at dinner, get one that doesn’t have a scent or something that would accompany the meal. You don’t want a floral scent with a steak dinner!

Massage Oils

Get some warming massage oils (usually found near the personal lubricants), put an old sheet on the bed, and give each other a good massage…. and maybe something afterwards. The oils help make the massage more relaxing, and it eases any stress or soreness you both have.

Handmade Card

You can buy a card. Or you can make a card. A handmade card shows you put a little more effort into the gift. Bonus points if you write a poem in it!

Favorite Drink

Whether their favorite drink is a wine, beer, or a mixed drink, get what you need to make it. I love strawberry mojitos, and you can usually find strawberries around V-Day as well, so it’s perfect. Let them unwind with their favorite drink in hand.

Personalized Mug

Go to the dollar store, get a blank mug, and a sharpie. Write or draw whatever you want on the mug, then put it in the oven for a few minutes to set the sharpie in. I haven’t done this personally, so don’t know the exact amount of time/temperature, but have heard of others doing this.

New Movie & Snacks

Is there a movie recently released you both want to see? Check for it on Redbox or purchase the movie, depending on what you normally do. Grab a few of your favorite snacks and plan a night in to watch a movie together.

Board Game

Get a new board game for two to play together. Or a card game. There are some fun co-op games so you are playing together, or you can get a versus game and get competitive. Maybe make a wager on the game?

New Journal

If your significant other enjoys writing, get them a new journal. Writing down your thoughts can be very therapeutic, and a great way to relieve stress and unwind for the night. This gift would give them that opportunity all year long (or until they fill the journal).

Bath Bombs/Spa Essentials

Give the gift of a relaxing night with some new bath bombs or other spa essentials. Maybe some new soap, a scrub, a facial cream, etc. Couple this with a good massage before the bath and you have a full relaxing night ahead of you.

Cake Mix & Ingredients

Purchase the ingredients to bake a cake (or other dessert) together. It’s fun to work together in the kitchen, and the results are delicious!


Some of my husband’s favorite boxers are the ones I get at Walgreens during V-Day for him! Get some new underwear or lingerie on the condition that they show it to you that night 😉

Book a Photo Session

Call up a local photographer and book a photo session for the two of you to get some couple’s photos together. Obviously you aren’t giving the photos, but make up a quick certificate saying you have booked the session, or have put a deposit and you can decide on a date. This is truly the gift that keeps giving back, and you will capture your love for each other forever!

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