12 Reasons to Live in The South

12 Reasons to Live in The South

First off, let’s get this straight…. Virginia is not The South. Just because you are below the Mason-Dixon Line does not mean you live in the true South. I’m talking Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

The South

There are so many reasons to love living in the southern states. I am in the Houston, TX, area currently, and this is the furthest north I have ever lived. And I plan to keep it that way. My boys are little southern boys, one born in Florida the other in Texas. My husband grew up an Army brat, but still spent most of his life living in The South as well.

It’s always warm

Wait, the temperature dropped below 70? Time to break out the sweatshirts! I’m not kidding. I absolutely hate the cold. I don’t mind visiting the snow, but I couldn’t ever live in it. Ever. I love the warmth. I love the summer. I hate the winter. I will take the humid summer days over cold winter anytime. The humidity doesn’t really bother me all that much, but I’ve never known any different. And my skin gets really dry in the winter, I don’t want to deal with that for more than the one month (maybe) that we get here.

Southern cooking

Good old southern comfort food…. is there anything better? Really, is there? Pulled pork, casseroles, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, bbq everything… the list goes on. If you go to a Cracker Barrel, almost everything on their menu is considered southern comfort foods, and it is all amazingly delicious.

Southern hospitality

It really is a thing. (Almost) everyone you meet is friendly, or at least they aren’t unfriendly. Most people here will hold a door open for you or help you with something even if you don’t ask. And the manners are impeccable. There are so many please’s and thank you’s and yes sir/ma’am or no sir/ma’am. You can’t go wrong with the genuinely nice people you meet in The South.


Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the word “y’all”. Growing up in the South, I use it all. the. time. When I first met my husband, he used to mess with me about my use of the word. Now he is so used to it, it doesn’t even phase him. Come on, it sounds so much nicer than “you guys” or whatever other way people would indicate a group of people. Or if it’s a large group of people, that would be “all y’all”.

Src: http://www.theontarioherald.com/featured/how-regional-dialects-are-fixing-standard-english-yall/

Southern drawl

Speaking of the dialect, have you listened to someone with a true southern drawl? It sounds so peaceful and calming. I love the sound of a southern drawl on anyone. I know I have a bit of a drawl, but not like some of the good ol’ Texas boys I’ve met here! It is by far my favorite accent.

Backyard BBQs

Nothing beats the parties in the South. Whether it’s just a simple backyard bbq, or a crawfish boil, they never disappoint. We love to grill and spend time in the backyard, and it’s easy to do in the South because of that wonderful weather we get here.

Pool/Beach/Boat year-round

Again, back to the weather and warmth, you can go to the pool or beach or on the boat almost any time of the year. Even in the winter months, we still go for a boat ride, we just don’t get in the water. The slightly cool breeze mixed with the warm sun is a perfect mix. And on those hot summer days, there’s nothing better than spending it pool-side or beach-side!

Country music and cowboys

I love country music. I love the songs and performers and the sounds and stories and everything about it. Living in the South, most people listen to country music and you get a chance to see a lot of country concerts. Here in Houston, we have Rodeo every year which features a different performer every night. Just from that I have seen Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Chris Young. I’ve also seen Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts multiple times. And my first country concert was Montgomery Gentry and Brooks & Dunn. All amazing singers/performers. And have you seen the singers? Cowboys…. hello! With their tight jeans and boots and hats. Yum!

Afternoon thunderstorms

Not everyone would enjoy this one, but I love the afternoon thunderstorms that roll in every day during the summer. Around 2-3pm you can almost guarantee a quick rain shower/thunderstorm will come through. They come up quick, and don’t last long, but listening to the thunder roll is perfection. It also helps clear out the parks/pools from those who don’t understand that they don’t last. Wait it out for about 20 minutes and the storm will be gone.


Speaking of storms, the most common natural disaster in most of the Southern states is hurricanes. And of all the natural disasters, I would much rather deal with hurricanes than anything else. You have days, sometimes weeks, to prepare or get out. Generally, hurricanes don’t form out of nowhere, they come across the Atlantic and we track them the whole way. Every Southerner knows hurricane season (June 1 – November 30).

Southern Bell “sass”

If you are ever told “Bless your Heart” it is not a compliment. I repeat, “Bless your Heart” is not a compliment. And I think it’s hilarious to hear the sass coming from these Southern Belle type of women. Usually, the saying is reserved for those who they deem are too slow to understand. From what I’ve heard, Northerners will just call you out honestly. I love the backhanded way this saying comes out, because if you aren’t aware, it sounds like a compliment.

We live where you vacation

Beach? Got it. Disney World? Got that too. Cruise ports? Yep. There are so many top travel destinations in the Southern states, why wouldn’t you want to live there? I grew up along the southern gulf coast of Florida, and every winter we had to deal with the “snow birds” coming down to escape the cold. In other words, we live where you vacation!

Have you ever lived in the South? What’s your favorite part?

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