High School Reunion

100 Thoughts I Had About My High School 10 Year Reunion

It’s been 10 years since I graduated high school….. 10 years! How has that happened? Where has the time gone? Earlier this year a few people started asking about our 10 year reunion, so I started a facebook group for the North Fort Myers High School Class of 2006 and we all invited everyone we knew to the group. It very quickly grew to include most of our graduating class. After some debate, we settled on a totally casual, informal, FUN event at a local restaurant that is now managed by one of our classmates. It was our hang out in high school anyways, so it made sense anyways! And it was much cheaper easier to plan than something formal.

high school reunion

After talking to as many people as I did, I realized that this dialog that ran through my head seems on point for most of the people there:

  1. Oh look, an invite to our high school reunion!
  2. Wait, it’s been ten years since we graduated?
  3. Where has the time gone?
  4. What have I done in that time?
  5. Should I go?
  6. Did I enjoy high school that much to see these people again?
  7. Yes, yes I did. High school was great, let’s do this.
  8. Oh, but my husband doesn’t know any of these people, I wonder if he will go with me.
  9. He agreed, good. It’s on.
  10. Now I need to figure out getting there since we moved out of state.
  11. Flights are booked, grandparents are watching the kids, perfect.
  12. Oh my goodness, I still can’t get over calling my parents grandparents! Yes, we are old enough for that.
  13. What am I going to wear?
  14. Who will I talk to?
  15. Will anyone recognize me?
  16. Will it be awkward since we are friends on facebook and already know so much about other people’s lives?
  17. I’m not friends with all of them though, so maybe it will be ok.
  18. We don’t all put everything on facebook, we will have some things to talk about.
  19. At least I hope so.
  20. Please no awkward silences!
  21. Maybe I should look through their facebook pages so if there is silence I can bring something up.
  22. But wait, would that be stalkerish?
  23. I don’t want to seem like a stalker.
  24. I guess we will just play it by ear.
  25. Crap, it’s time to head out, am I ready for this?
  26. Why am I so nervous about my high school reunion?
  27. Maybe because I haven’t seen most of these people for 10 years.
  28. And now I’m back to wondering what we will talk about.
  29. We’re here already? Ok, game face.
  30. I’m a few minutes early, I’m always early.
  31. At least I get to pick my own table.
  32. Let’s sit here, near the door, so I can watch as people come in.
  33. Here come others, don’t recognize any of them.
  34. Crap, one of them is looking at me and waving.
  35. Do I know her?
  36. Were we friends in school?
  37. Should I know her?
  38. Or is she just waving to be nice?
  39. She’s coming over to sit down.
  40. Oh my gosh, I do know her.
  41. Wow some people have changed.
  42. A lot.
  43. Now I feel bad I didn’t recognize her.
  44. Although, she did look really different 10 years ago.
  45. I still can’t remember her name, though.
  46. Maybe if I nudge my husband he will introduce himself like we planned.
  47. Oh good, he got it.
  48. THAT’S who that is, ok.
  49. Yes, it’s great to see you too, can you believe it’s been 10 years?
  50. Small talk, small talk, running out of things to say.
  51. Pictures, we need a few pictures.
  52. Look, here come more classmates.
  53. Good, I do recognize a few of them.
  54. Name tags! Beautiful!
  55. Now I remember who some of these people are.
  56. And there’s the group of people I spent most of my high school years with.
  57. Amazing how some have changed, some look exactly the same.
  58. Introductions for the spouses/significant others who didn’t go to school with us.
  59. Lots of talking.
  60. So much food.
  61. Lots of drinks (hey, we couldn’t do this in high school).
  62. Look at him, he was the ‘hot guy’ in high school.
  63. Maybe he wasn’t as hot as I remember.
  64. Or maybe my tastes have changed since then.
  65. Ok, it’s been an hour, I haven’t died yet from this.
  66. And I am having a good time.
  67. Woah, look at all the people here.
  68. Time for a group photo, so many people.
  69. Oh, pictures, I need to take more pictures.
  70. I’m a photographer, why am I forgetting pictures?
  71. Maybe because I am having too many conversations.
  72. And so much school spirit still.
  73. Yes, we all still know our high school cheers, what about it?
  74. The significant others just don’t understand, we have school spirit.
  75. And a video chat with a classmate who is deployed (love technology) and thank you for your service!!
  76. It’s funny how our “groups” from high school all overlap now that we are older.
  77. Oh god, did I just say we are older, sigh.
  78. But it’s true.
  79. Some of the girls who wouldn’t even talk to me in high school are chatting with me like we are old friends.
  80. I guess we did have a few classes together
  81. But it still seems strange in a way.
  82. Oh well, yay for new friends and getting over the cliques of high school.
  83. Wait, I am forgetting the pictures again.
  84. Crap.
  85. Someone just turned up the music, songs from 10 years ago.
  86. These are still cool, right?
  87. Doesn’t matter, we are all singing them.
  88. I’m sure the alcohol helps too.
  89. Speaking of alcohol, I’ve never seen him drunk, he’s a funny drunk!
  90. I just realized how much I am laughing.
  91. Why was I so worried about this?
  92. Tonight turned out to be a great night.
  93. I’m so glad we came.
  94. And my husband got to meet some of my high school friends.
  95. And I got to catch up with so many people.
  96. Ok, facebook doesn’t cut it.
  97. Face-to-face interaction is much better.
  98. And I’m not friends with all of these people on facebook.
  99. Thanks for a great night everyone, and remember:

I want to give a shout-out to AmiJo and the amazing staff at Brooke’s Restaurant for hosting the reunion, it was a blast!!


High School Reunion High School Reunion

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