Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential nutrient for life. The human body can only go a few days without water. Most people know that. But, what most don’t know, is they are already dehydrated. 

Studies have shown that about 75% of Americans are considered “chronically dehydrated”. When you are dehydrated, your body is not functioning at it’s highest potential. 

According to the CDC, dehydration can cause:

  • unclear thinking
  • mood changes
  • your body to overheat
  • constipation
  • kidney stones

With the holidays coming up, and everyone’s schedule getting busier, it’s important to remember to keep yourself hydrated.

Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Ways to Stay Hydrated

We all know that increasing our water intake will keep our body hydrated. But what are some ways to do this?

Choose water over other drinks, especially when out to eat. This will help lower your sugar intake (better for your health overall) and lowers your bill since water is free most places. 

Bring a reusable water cup with you everywhere. Fill it up at the beginning of the day and as often as needed. 

Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Set a water goal. You can find apps that let you track your water intake and remind you when you need to drink more. Or keep a tally in your calendar to know how much you’ve had. 

Increase your water intake when you increase your physical exertion or when traveling. 

Keep your water close. You should have a cup of water within arms reach all day long. This makes it simple and becomes a habit to reach out and grab it throughout the day. 

Infused Water

I often hear people mention that they “don’t like water.” Or, in the case of my mom, there is only one brand she will drink. The problem with this is either replacing water with something less healthy that has a negative effect or creating so many wasted plastic water bottles. 

Instead, try to infuse your water with flavors. I know some will try adding essential oils into their water, but it’s strong. I’ve tried a few and they are too much for me, even diluted in a large glass of water. Also, if you are going to do this, make sure you buy good quality oils and know what you are doing. 

The safest way to infuse your water with flavor is the natural way. Add in fresh fruit, vegetables, and/or herbs to get a new taste. There are so many ways to mix-and-match the flavors, you may need to experiment and find the one that’s right for you. 

We tried out four different infused water flavors to give you a few ideas! You can also see that we used multiple different containers, so it doesn’t matter exactly what you have. Just use the ones you have on hand.



One of the first infused water recipes we tried was lemon-lime. There are two lemons and two limes in about four cups of water. When adding the wedges, we squeezed them a bit to help release the juices. 

Lemon-lime is a fairly common flavor combination. The fruit definitely added a lot of flavor to the water, but it wasn’t too overpowering, either. 


The other citrus flavor we made was orange. We didn’t mix it with anything else, but had two full oranges in the water. I cut them into small wedges, and forced the pieces into a container that was built for infusing water. 

Similar to the lemon-lime, this was just a hint of flavor without being too much. It added enough to make the water more drinkable to those who don’t like it plain. 


This was my personal favorite. Strawberries have always been one of my preferred fruits, and the kiwi just goes so well with the taste. Again, I cut the strawberries to release the most flavor and peeled the kiwi before wedging it, too. 

I prefer stronger flavors for most things, so this was a clear winner for me. The fruit adds a lot of flavor to the water, but it still isn’t too much. It’s not as strong as drinking juice, but more than plain water. 

Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Cucumber Mint

The last infused water flavor we made was cucumber mint. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even try this one. I don’t like cucumbers at all, and only like subtle mint flavors. So, this one was all Justin. 

We used one cucumber and sliced it into thick pieces. Then muddled the mint slightly to release the flavor and added it all to the water. By far, this was the strongest of the four recipes so if you are looking for something with a kick, then this one is for you. 

Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

Step by Step

Decide which flavor of water you want to make, and gather the fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs. 

Find a container for your water. You can make it in individual servings, such as in a mason jar, or make an entire pitcher’s worth of water. Either way, if it isn’t going to be drank immediately, you want something that can be covered. 

Cut up any fruits and vegetables you are using and give them a slight squeeze when you place them in your container. For any herbs, make sure to muddle them. This releases some of the juices which have the most flavor. 

Pour the water over top and chill in the refrigerator. Make sure to give it a stir before serving.

Ratio: For any infused water recipe, using about 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of infused foods seems to work well. Of course, if you want a bolder flavor, you can always adjust as needed. 

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Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

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13 thoughts on “Infused Water: A Tasty Way to Stay Hydrated

  1. I have tried the lemon infused water but not the others. I am going to start with the cucumber mint tomorrow. I usually add mint in my iced tea, so now, I will infuse it in my water.

  2. I love infused water! It’s fun to play with different flavors. I really love the sweetness of a strawberry infused water. I’ll have to try adding the kiwi!

  3. Strawberry kiwi all the way!! I love infused water, especially when fall is just starting and for some reason the city ups the chemicals in the water. It helps cover the change of flavor until it balances out and tastes proper again!

  4. Infused water is the bomb! I love putting mint and lemon or strawberry and lime in the water! Strawberry and lime is by far the best flavor ever!

  5. I must admit I am the worst when it come sto hydrating. I never drink enough water and to make it worse I drink lots of coffee. Thanks for the brilliant tip, Im going to try that right away!

  6. Great tips, I usually drink water a lot during the day as I don’t want to get another IV drip (I got one last year because I had a high fever but I was also dehydrated.)

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