2016 Garden Update #15

We still don’t have much of a garden yet, but we have been working on getting it ready to plant in the spring again. We got more timbers and made a matching garden bed area in the other corner of our backyard so it is more symmetrical now. We left the orange tree where it was in the corner. We also laid timbers across the entire back of the yard along the fence to make a flower bed back there. We moved the banana trees to the center since they are huge and will help provide a little shade and green back there. We also took the canna lily plants from the front of the house and moved those to either side of the banana plants.

Tyler and Ryan love to help PaPa measure!

The new garden on the left side of the yard and the flower bed along the fence.

img_1689 img_1691 img_1692

Update on the few things we left in the garden: The pepper plants are still growing. The celery was filled with a huge yellow jacket nest so the guys took care of that for me!


We had to move the blackberry bush because it was right where the new flower beds went in. It is barely holding on, so we aren’t sure how well it will do.

img_1694 img_1695

These banana trees are huge! We had four of them total and moved those from the area they were, which is now the new garden area, to the center of the backyard.

img_2071 img_2077

Once the banana trees were moved, we went and got the cannas from the front. Justin cut them down to only about a foot tall so they would be easy to transplant and they were dying off for the season anyways. These started with just two bulbs and grew massive….the packaging said they would grow about 3-4 feet, they ended up almost 7 feet tall!


Wow, we can actually see the front of the house again!


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