2016 Garden Update #13

Ok, well, there isn’t much of a garden to update on at this point. Earlier this week we all went out and pulled everything in the garden except for the celery since it is still growing well, and the pepper plants (mostly because my father-in-law wanted to grab some and try to grow them in his garden). This was a family effort, and Tyler was actually very good at pulling the carrots! He pulled out a bunch of them. They were all very small carrots, so I don’t know if something stunted their growth, or if I got the wrong kind of seeds, or what happened there. But we did clean them off and bring them inside and the boys had some carrots with their lunch, and according to Tyler they were “yummy yummy yummy in my tum-tum-tummy!”

We are going to be doing a lot of relandscaping in the backyard over the next few weeks, so decided it was a good time to pull everything and start over. We need to do a lot of weeding in the garden and move a few plants around as we are working, so needed the cleaned out garden space to be able to do that. We are going to add another garden to the other side of the yard to try to grow some fruit, and put a flower bed along the entire back fence to move the banana plants, the canna lilys from the front of the house, and plant a few other flowers. The blackberry bush will also be moved into the new fruit area, and we are going to rebuild the herb garden and move it close to the house. I think it was getting too much sun where it is now, so we are going to try something different with it. The weather is finally starting to get cool enough, so we can start on these outdoor projects finally!

carrots img_1153 img_1154 img_1155

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