DIY Outdoor Cinderblock Benches

Cinderblock Outdoor Benches

Ryan’s birthday party is coming up (how is it possible my baby is turning one already?!?) and I am planning his birthday party to be out in the backyard, but we don’t have much seating out there. We have talked about building some benches out on our patio extension, but just haven’t done it. I finally told Justin that we have no excuses, we have an open weekend and I need the space for Ryan’s party. So we got to measuring our space and decided on a good size for the benches. I had seen something on pinterest ( about using cinderblocks to build benches, and they are fairly cheap and durable, so we thought we would give it a try.

After some calculations (I love math!) we figured out just how many bricks we would need, and got them ordered for delivery. We have two layers of cinderblock, with a layer on top of the finished pieces that matched the cinderblock, and wood on top of those for the bench tops since it would be more comfortable than sitting on the cement pieces.







We used some liquid nail (of course) to go between all the bricks, and just used their own weight to help hold them down. Then did the same for the top pieces as well. Then it was time to cut the wooden boards that we purchased for the top parts. We did 45 degree angles at the corners so it would look nicer, and also used the liquid nail to glue those down on the top.









Once all that was dry and on pretty good, we used a belt sander (I am pretty sure that’s what it’s called) to sand the edges of the benches so there aren’t any splinters, and also used a router to do the edges in a rounded shape. Again, trying to make them as comfortable as we could without having actual cushions or anything like that on them.




Our little supervisor!

Most of these later photos are through the window because when I keep saying we, I really mean Justin and his dad. I was inside on “kid duty” most of the time during this project. I just made all the executive and design decisions from inside.

Here are our final project photos:



Completed project!

Next up, a picnic table to replace the glass table we currently have so that everything matches!


DIY Outdoor Cinderblock Benches DIY Outdoor Cinderblock Benches

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