I'm a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I’m a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I never knew it was such a big deal to be someone who doesn’t like dogs. Seriously. I have never been a dog person, I have never liked dogs, I don’t ever want a dog, and I don’t like dealing with dogs. I’m a cat person all the way. I have had a pet cat as long as I can remember. We had a cat named Whiskers that we got when I was about 6 years old, and had her for 13 years. Then a few years later I rescued our cat, Snowflake, from outside our apartment when we lived in Orlando. Dogs, no thank you.

my cat Snowflake

Today I went to pickup Tyler from his art camp and when I opened the garage door there was a dog standing in the driveway staring at me. I shooed it away and got Ryan in the car and left, not thinking much of it. Other than annoyed because I noticed this dog had been digging in my flower bed and made a mess. When we got home about half an hour later, the dog was in front of my garage again and tried to get in when I opened the door. I don’t trust dogs, especially ones I don’t know, so I pulled in the garage and shut the door from in the truck (after turning it off of course), then got the boys out. We went inside and the dog was sitting under the bushes in front of our house.

A little while later, I went and brought a bowl of water out for the dog and left it on the front porch. The dog moved to the front and started digging in the flower bed there. It made an absolute disaster of our front porch and walkway. I don’t like dogs, but I also don’t want to see them hurt or suffering, hence why I brought the water out. It was 97 degrees outside today! I took a picture of the dog and posted it on our community facebook page in case anyone recognized it. Not a single comment.

So later I posted on the page for my specific neighborhood and started getting all kinds of comments about how the dog needs to be inside and will have a heat stroke out there. I agree, it should be inside, in it’s own house. I am not bringing an unknown dog in my house, especially not one that is a pit bull mix, with my two small children. Not happening.

I ended up calling animal services because I was afraid to go out of my own house. Tyler kept asking to go play outside and I had to tell him we couldn’t. I was hoping they would be here quicker than the 3 hours it took and could at least get the dog inside somewhere. I said I called on it and got even more comments about how they kill animals. About how it should go to a rescue. And basically I am a horrible person for wanting this dog off my property. Animal Services was out here about 2 hours ago and ended up not being able to catch the dog. So now it is wandering around the neighborhood somewhere.

All this to say, I am not a dog person. I posted on my personal facebook page earlier, when I first saw that dog, that it was yet another reason I don’t like dogs…. here was someone else’s dog destroying my flower beds and my property and I was annoyed. I had a few people post asking why I don’t like dogs and saying it’s strange that I don’t. Well I find it strange that so many people don’t like cats but I don’t call them out for it! I don’t question people on their preference of animal, why am I always questioned.

Yes, I know the majority of people like dogs, but I don’t. I have many reasons. If you must know, they include: they smell, they are needy, they are loud, they are either sniffing at you or licking you or biting your ankles, they can be aggressive and territorial, there are many irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs stay outside all day barking, and I just don’t trust them.

Why does everyone have to like dogs? I have seen things that say “the people I really don’t trust are ones who don’t like dogs” or similar. Why? What if I said the same about cats? And some people just don’t like animals in general. It’s not a big deal. Like everything else in life, everyone has a preference. Why should I have to defend my dislike of dogs to anyone who hears that I don’t like them?


I'm a Cat Person, Get Over It! I'm a Cat Person, Get Over It!

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