Beach Bathroom Decor

Beach Bathroom Decor

When we lived in Orlando, our hall bathroom was a beach-themed bathroom, so we already had some of the basic decor. Our new house here in Texas had a hall bathroom already perfectly designed for our beach bathroom! The countertop is a sandy color that perfectly matches what we have from Florida. The walls were already painted blue, so perfect! This bathroom has a little more wall space than the last one. So we changed a few of the things we have and I also had to make a few new things.

We were at a home store (I don’t remember which one now) and I found a really cute towel rack. It was too expensive, and not quite the correct colors. Not to mention, looking at it, we did what we always do and said “we can make that” and started designing.

We got two pieces of wood from the store, and took one of them and cut almost through it to make it look like it was multiple pieces of wood instead of just one. Then I used some of the leftover wall paint we have to paint it a few colors that match in the bathroom. Once that was dry, we nailed the top piece of wood to the one that I painted to make a shelf. I ordered two towel hooks for this, and we used those to hang the shelf as well by running the screw straight through the towel hooks and into the walls. Then I decorated from there. The two canvas decorations on top are crafts we made at our annual beach vacation to SeaWatch last year and this year.
beach decor

The other decor I handmade was a mix of a few different elements. I started with an empty picture frame, and bought some fish net and starfish from the craft store. I also pulled a few of the shells and acorn-looking things from another decoration. This way it would match with other parts of the bathroom. The sand dollar is one that we found at the beach a couple years ago. It was just laying on a shelf so I put it to better use. Don’t worry, it was already dead, we don’t take anything live from the water.

I did all of this with a hot glue gun. First, I took the backing off the picture frame. Then glued the fishnet over and slightly around it. Last I glued all the other pieces on top. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I love how it turned out in the end!


Beach Bathroom Decor Beach Bathroom Decor

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