2017 Garden Update #19

2017 Garden Update #19

We haven’t been doing too much in the garden lately, except Justin and the boys doing the weeding. Remember my irrational fear of wasps? Yeah, that’s still keeping me out of the garden for now. Every time Justin goes out there I see him grab the wasp spray and go hunting for wasps.

We are heading to Florida later this month, so we are waiting until we get back to start any fall gardening. Trust me, in south Texas, it’s still plenty warm enough that we can’t even really consider it fall yet.

We have officially pulled everything out of the herb garden and thrown the leftovers in the compost bin. The only thing alive in that area is the aloe plants right now. Those are still growing well, but I really need to get some more pots to be able to split it up. It’s really starting to grow too much for the pots it’s in, but I don’t have anywhere else to put it at the moment.

2017 Garden Update #19

The vegetable garden doesn’t have a lot growing in it right now. The celery has basically all died off, and the okra isn’t producing much at this time. The okra is growing really tall and thick, and every now and then we can find a few good okra on it. Ever since we moved the mint plant from the herb garden it has grown like crazy. We’ve been using it to make strawberry mojitos and recently made our own creme de menthe. The random lettuce that started growing a few weeks ago is really coming in now. I don’t know where that came from, it wasn’t there for months and just showed up. And it’s not even in the areas that we had lettuce in the spring, but there is some growing all the way over by the area I had the tomato plants.

On the other side of the yard, the blackberry bush is still holding strong. It’s been growing a lot, but still not producing. Hopefully, once the weather cools off, we can start to get some blackberries growing on it. We still aren’t sure what’s going on with the orange tree. It hasn’t died off at all but hasn’t grown any either. We didn’t get any blossoms or oranges this year even though we got more oranges last year than we could even eat. The pineapple plants are still growing although we can’t see any fruit growing just yet.

While the canna lilies aren’t doing as great right now, everything else in the backyard is flourishing in the still-warm fall weather we have here. Tyler was very concerned about the leaves of the banana trees because of the tears in them from Hurricane Harvey, but we assured him that the trees are ok. Every time I go out there it seems we have more pups growing on the banana trees. We are hoping that, since we planted everything so long ago, the roots will be established enough that they will be ok even if we get a freeze this winter. If we do get a freeze, hopefully, it will just kill off some of the leaves and out parts of the plants, but the core will be ok and come back in the spring.

2017 Garden Update #19

PS: Don’t worry about the random cones in the garden areas. Tyler and Ryan were out there with Justin and they missed those when they were cleaning up. Now Tyler says they are out there so we know where the lettuce plants are. And the one by the blackberry bush is supposed to be there to remind us to go out and trim the bush back a little bit (although that hasn’t happened yet!).

2017 Garden Update #19 2017 Garden Update #19

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