Garden Update #12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

2017 Garden Update #12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Well this heat is still not being nice to most of our plants. Although they have had a bit of a reprieve lately. We had the outskirts of Tropical Storm Cindy hit in our area, and it has been raining on and off every day since then. The temperatures haven’t quite reached as high, and the plants have had plenty of water lately. Most of them are thriving with all the rain, but a few things are starting to get overwatered.

Our herb garden has really been fizzling out in the heat. This is the second year now that this has been an issue. We’ve decided that, if we decide to grow herbs next year we are going to have to do them inside somewhere. We haven’t really figured that out yet, but we do love having fresh herbs when we cook. The challenge will be finding a place in the house with enough light, and away from the reach of little hands and cat paws.

The basil is bolting, which means the leaves don’t taste good anymore, but we are letting it go to try to harvest the seeds for next year. The parsley is looking droopy, so not sure how that is, and the oregano is starting to bolt as well. The one tomato plant is growing really tall, and the garlic seems to still be growing. Everything else in the herb garden is just weeds at this point.

Most of the plants in the vegetable garden seem to be doing ok still. The carrots are finally growing well, and the celery is showing a bit of growth as well. The okra is getting taller and starting to produce now. One of the cucumber plants we planted months ago is starting to grow and flower, so maybe that will still give us something. The mint is thriving in the garden beds, much better than it was doing in the herb garden. We have a few onions growing, though the one hasn’t gotten much bigger so it probably needs to be harvested soon. The broccoli plants continue to get bigger, but none have produced any florets still. This is the first time growing broccoli, so we aren’t too sure what to expect from it. Our pepper plants definitely like the heat. We have harvested almost a dozen peppers from them so far, and there are still more growing. The peppers are great grilled, or on tacos, and even dipped in some hummus. We’ve decided to let the lettuce bolt, and are going to collect the seeds once it flowers.

All the rain we’ve had lately has also been really good for the spider grass plants we have, the ginger plants, the canna lilies, and the banana trees. Some of the pups off the banana trees are almost as tall as the fence now! The backyard looks so tropical with all of that out there, which is exactly the look we were hoping for. I’ve lost track of how many banana trees we have now because they have all started growing pups as well. We’ve read that, to get a better harvest we would need to kill off the pups, but I have them more for the look. If we eventually get bananas, cool, but that’s not necessarily why I planted them back there.

With all the rain and wind this week, it’s knocked a bit of the blackberry bush off the structure that we built, and also knocked the couple of berries that were growing to the ground. It still seems to be growing well, just a minor setback. The pineapples are growing, but the strawberries don’t like all the rain. A few of the leaves are turning black and as far as we were told that tends to happen when they are overwatered. We haven’t gone out to water for a week, it’s just been the rain so not much we can do about it. The plants are getting big, so hopefully they can hold on for now.

Garden Update #12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain Garden Update #12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain Garden Update #12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

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